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i wrote a review quite a while ago where i thought the goo.gl account issue was cookie-related. However, i'm seeing other reviews that indicate version 1.8 has stopped sending shortened URLs to the user's Google account. This seems to be the case for me as well, and even leaving cookie permissions wide open has not fixed it.

This is an essential add-on, and it DOES function, but i can't give it 5 stars as it's been stagnant for a while & i don't seem to be alone with the spotty account link-up. i really wish someone could pick up the Goo.gl extension for Chrome & port it to Firefox.

Hopefully the developer or someone in the community can offer some help (the developer's home page no longer exists, either).

With the developer's clarification, i downgraded from the 1.8 version, and am getting URLs sent to my account again. Rating adjusted accordingly, and great thanks for the response!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Stable version is 1.7.7

The stable version of the add-on (offered for download by default) is 1.7.7. 1.8 is an experimental version offered in the development channel. I apologize for any confusion.