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187 reviews
  • Thank you for this, I can use Twitter again.
    Just two things though:
    #1 If you click a tweet it goes to the authors page instead of staying on the timeline.
    #2 Video sound is not working correctly, it sounds slow.
  • I like being able to return to one of the best Twitter designs, but why does the application ask permission for that:

    ➡➡➡Access your data for sites in the domain
    Clear recent browsing history, cookies, and related data
    ➡➡➡Access browser tabs
  • it works well before. 5 stars. it doesn't now by this review edited.
  • The extension is just amazing. Works for all my web browsers. Though from today, for some reason, when at Mozilla Firefox, it doesn't change the interface to the old one, no matter how many times I clear the history (and cache) and press ctrl+r
  • As for 2019.08.23 does work! Requires you to clear the cache. Fixed my paste issue.
  • Everything works great except that when you click on a tweet, you get sent to the author's profile before it pops up, rather than remaining on the main timeline, which makes it difficult to keep your place. It's still miles better than that horrid new interface though.
  • THANK YOU!!!!
  • Brilliant add-on. New twitter is utter sh**e, and this solves the problem. Well done folks! 10/10
  • Easy to use. Prefer the pastel choices of old twitter which look good in dark mode too. Absolutely hate all the sparkles in new twitter.; they give me a headache.