Feature requests Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This is a great addon. It would be great if it could remember settings per webpage, per website, per domain name. This is easily doable. The addon "Mobile Firefox" already does it.

Suggestion by another user to force reload page is also good.

May I now suggest 2 features which will make it much more than a user agent changer
1) Allow us to choose the background color and text color of a page in the settings
2) Allow us to choose whether to show pictures(and flash) at all.

The above features will make it into a readability tool as well.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

In short, It will, and it might.

Remembering settings per webpage/website will be available in the next release. Mobile Firefox 1.0.0 is actually a pre-release of the next version of Go-Mobile by another developer, and these features do not work in it either. Reloading the page when you switch from mobile to not mobile will also be in the next release. Concerning the two features you suggested, I am not sure whether I will add these features or not, mainly because it seems to be a little beyond the scope of this addon. I believe there are already other addons that have these features too, but I will consider it. The next release of Go-Mobile was originally planned for the end of February, but I got sick and there were some other setbacks, but hopefully it will be released by the end of March/early April. Edit: There had been a delay in the development of Go-Mobile. But it is now a work in progress again, with the deadline for the next release being July 18, 2013.