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  • You made a fantastic skin! and I'm using it with openSUSE Linux 11.2!!!
    So far, I'm not seeing any weird artifacts. In fact, my Firefox looks, with obvious exceptions, exacty like those in the screenshots.
  • it looks awesome! please provide a linux version!
  • when I use the skin,it can't show rss icon on the location bar.
  • Dommage que ce thème ne soit pas disponible pour linux !

    Not avaible for linux ! it's a pity !!!
  • Thanks for this beautiful theme. Unfortunately since I installed it, I´m not able to install anything else, because the restart-function is disabled in the add-on area. I can click it and firefox is closing, but it doesn´t restart... so, i can´t put any other add-on to my firefox-browser.
    What can I do?
    Thanks a lot for a quick reply!

    Problem fixed: :) I deleted the whole theme, so now I can install other add-ons. But of course it would be nice to be able to use it, because it is beautiful.

    hai gumg,
    this has been reported first time :(
    pls try to install again and see same thing happens. you can also contact me thought fzamaan@gmail.com for futher support.
  • Très agréable.
    Dommage de ne pouvoir pas éclaircir (ou foncer) le vert.
  • Cool Theme but unavailable for Linux :-(((
  • me encanta deja un gran mensaje este tema 100% organico
  • go green : the best theme ! bravo ! from france
  • 真的很漂亮啊 VERY COOL
  • Really nice looking and functional. Since I'm going green, why not have my browser go green too??? Nice job!!
  • i like it matches my Stardock MyColors software with the windows theme "think green"
  • Everything is nice except that dark colour scroll bar and its buttons. Please change them also to green!
    Tx for the review.
    think of that dark color think as the tree root color :)
    anyway, ill try to make it more attractive.
  • I love this theme! Its clean, its easy to see, the icons are big enough for blind folk like me lol. Great job. Can't wait to see what you make next.
  • Very clean and i like the dialog box graphics. The corn is fine, do not be swayed by all the rest of the reviews.
    hey matt,
    your the only one have voted for the corn :)

  • Really cute :) Love it!! Green Colors are great and easy on the eye. I like the corn just fine...but it would be kinda fun to have flower or some other nature/hippie type thing to have there as well. :) Thank You for a great Theme!
  • thanks
  • P.S. I know there is a compact version but for ppl who use notebooks with 10" or 12" screen, it would be better to have a more compact theme. I observed that compact theme is still demanding (https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/browse/type:2/cat:32?sort=popular&show=20). So It would be very kind if you can consider to design a more compact version in the future.
  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like it very much!!!!!
    + Could you design some GREEN Firefox icons, cursors & wallpapers if possible?

  • Oh.....My God....!
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  • wow! wow! wow!
  • This is sooooooooooooooo cute, I love it!!!
  • I like it ! My colors, nice ikons !
  • I like it ! My colors, nice ikons !
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