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  • I like this extension I use it , it's useful but since the last update of firefox to 70.0 (linux fedora) it's like the extension isn't installed but it is !!?? I always must install it and cannot use the site gnome shell extension to set my extensions installed.
  • not working STUPIDLY in FIREFOX ... I say because there is no reason ... chrome-gome-shell is installed!!!!
  • extensão corrupta no firefox e no gnome
  • Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt.
  • the best
  • i installed this on chrome too and making error timeout sync when launch two browser together. some extension uninstalled without confirmation. i uninstall one of this and everything back normal.
  • Very Good
  • very very gooddd
  • Tiene un buen mantenimiento, mejor que las extensiones que gestiona y, por cierto, con ella he podido desinstalar las que no funcionaban por error(que es lo que marca) o falta de puesta al dia.
    Es de reconocer que Firefox va tan deprisa en mejoras que los constructores de extensiones están con la lengua afuera, y el zorro, corre que corre...
  • Works in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS but not in 19.04. I installed the "chrome-gnome-shell" native host connector but upon trying to install it tells me that the download is corrupt. Please update this pronto for Firefox, as I do not want to have to use Chrome/Chromium to get extensions!
    It's not add-on issue. Report this to Ubuntu maintainers.