Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I started using this one because the last Gmail extension I was using just stopped working. This one never quite worked that well, but it too has suddenly stopped working for me completely.

When it was "working," the problem I have had is that even though I set it to check automatically, it failed to login until I manually opened a tab for Gmail and logged in. Then with the tab open, I would have to click the button for this extension so it would "log me in." Once I did all that, then I could close the Gmail tab and the Notifier would work as advertised. Until, of course, I closed Firefox or restarted. Then it was back to square one.

Now within the last few minutes, it fails to login altogether. I know the problem must be caused because Google made changes to the way Gmail works because suddenly all of the extensions to use with Gmail are broken.

I wonder if this is some evil plot to force users to switch to Chrome, since its own Gmail extensions still work perfectly (oh wait, Google can't be evil). Chrome is certainly much, much faster than Firefox, but I'm just not ready to switch yet, even if all the Gmail extensions remain broken.

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