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  • Love it. I can read a full email without opening a tab or leaving a page, and have all the basic actions available, but I can also quickly go right to web gmail. Also impressed by the customization.

    This is *exactly* what I was looking for. Great job! Thanks for this.
  • Great add-on.
    Not InBasic's fault this was disabled and will not download. Firefox messed up big time. The only add-on that was not disabled was 'New Tab Homepage' by Ben Basson! Bizzare.
  • unfortunately, Firefox automatically disabled it this morning and it is impossible to download it again: "Download failed. Please check your connection"
  • firefox desactivo miles de complementos de las computadoras,,porque necesitan estar firmadas..esta es una de ellas..alguna solucion...gracias
  • I started to use multi account containers and the extension stopped working.
  • Great work. I've tried all the notifiers and this is the best. Works flawlessly.
  • If I could only have one extension, this would be it! I love to be able to 'hear' my Gmail emails when they arrive, and to be able to peek at the contents without opening Gmail. The developer is constantly updating this extension, which I'm using in Firefox. Great stuff!
  • How can I use like the old version, open the quick view even when there are no unread mails? I have 3 gmail accounts and only see them without opening gmail.com. Long time ago I could just switch in between accounts in the quick view.