It works! It really works!! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to Mint (Sep 15, 2012) for providing the working download link!
I should give the developer more than 5 stars (or more than USD5). I really should.
Although I also did not understand why the download link in FF add ons did not work (I use v 15.0.1).
Yeah I tried it and it keeps asking for our Gmail password right?
Well I am so happy now and the only suggestions are:
1. I have 2 gmail accounts and maybe its better to have 2 icons separately so i know when i get a new email on each account --> actually it did! I just forgot to set one on the FF toolbar and one on nav-bar. Now i have them both side by side on the toolbar. Great!! ^_^
2. I think the mail snippets (when new mail arrives) is a bit too fast :) not a big deal.
3. It would be great if you can make a panel where i can read or reply the email without having to open a new tab every time i click the icon.
4. It would be better if the new email notifier (blue color) automatically updated/reset right after i read the email. Just minor request.
I think that's about it and hope you will keep continue this add on and prove to all other people that it works! it really works!!