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  • Palemoon 26.4.0 (x86) Stopped working with latest Gmail update. Goes straight to Verify it's you page and wants verification. Even after verification login, still goes to Verify page on subsequent login attempts.

    It's a five-star addon when it works, but google apparently isn't happy with any of the auto-login addons lately. Typical of google.
  • Working so far on FF 43.0 :)
  • This add-on was replaced by "Gmail Manager-community": https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/gmail-manager-community/
  • Great addon; thanks to ath0mas for fixing it again after Google broke it. I have too many (11) gmail accounts, and this really makes managing them easy.
  • As i said on title, The add-on works on gmail's accounts with 2-step verification actived.
  • The add on was working perfectly, but something is causing a crash on start.
  • Quick fix, WITHOUT SNIPPETS (for now, as this is the issue), courtesy of ath0mas: https://github.com/gmail-manager-community/gmail-manager-community/releases/tag/
  • Causes Firefox to go into permanent "Not Responding" status.
  • Same problem here, FF crashing because Gmail Manager NG

    EDIT: Thank you ath0mas for the QUICK FIX, and thank you dexter for sharing it!
  • someone know addon like this?
  • The issue stated by erikbencik and Dexter happens, it also happens in firefox 38 starting today, my guess is its some update done on gmail itself that now causes it to crash.
  • I have same problem like Dexter. When disable add-ons, ff works fine.
  • Version 43.0a2 (2015-09-27) of Aurora blocks it.

    (see my other post below)

    It works (... with a user-developed workaround) !!
    And it serves exactly what is needed by anyone who uses several Gmail accounts.

    Within 1 or 2 months (which is the time to get first the beta version and then the official Firefox release) the blockage will reach the other releases of Firefox.


    Starting with FF41 it will be compulsory that the application be "signed", meaning that the developer must conform to some specification: see

    Otherwise the application will be DEACTIVATED:

    It will not be possible to bypass this deactivation, because it will be hardcoded in FF.

    all actual users of this add-on are relying on a fix informally written by another user,
    the original developer (Todd Long) is no more developing the add-on,
    the developer of this fork (Erik Nedwidek) is also no more developing the add-on:

    It is most probable that starting from FF41 noone will be able to use this precious add-on.

    Is there anyone being able to maintain/solve the problem/develop again the add-on?
  • It's a shame this project is dead too..
  • ... but please fix for v.34!
  • I've 3 gmail account. always worked.
    but now, for 1 only of these, always returns zero messages in "button area" despite if I click and see new messages unread inside. Any suggestions?
    (I use firefox 33.1.1 italian language, under windows xp sp3.)
  • This is a great extension, but unfortunately broken since Firefox version 33.

    For the information of troubled users : Following some community discussions, a patched version is available here : https://github.com/ath0mas/firefox-gmail-manager-ng/blob/develop/dist/gmail_manager_ng-
    Use at your own risk.
  • OSX, Fx v33, does not save accounts.
  • Tried with two different gmail accounts and neither worked (Firefox 33.0). Uninstalled within minutes.
  • After the last FireFox V33 update the the Gmail manager NG fix is now working. Thanks.
  • Did someone (and how...) get it work with google 2 steps verification ?
  • Update: Never mind... now i've seen the review from here:
    by Virtual-70 on September 6, 2014

    All works fine!

    Great job guys!



    Thx for the update.

    But there is a little "bug" :)

    It doesn't work with hosted Google Apps Gmail account.

    The Gmail Account works fine.

    If you could do an update to work with the Gmail Accounts that are hosted through Google Apps will be delightful.

    In the past this problem with Google Apps Gmail Account was resolved if I remember correctly just by correct the link that point to GApps Account, because Google was changed the link, but now it isn't a link problem, I guess this is an authentifcation problem... in the way that the user and pass are sent it though addons. It's not recognized, just like you enter the wrong user/pass, but if i connect through webpage works.

    If you could fix this bug too would be great.

  • Fixed Version: https://github.com/ath0mas/firefox-gmail-manager-ng/blob/develop/dist/gmail_manager_ng-



    EDIT: Oct 1 2014 Updated link Everything should Work ! :)
  • Yeah, so I don't know how everyone else is editing their version of this add-on to work, since when I do it and save the file the add-on uninstalls itself when I restart Firefox.

    In any case, this guy went MIA just like Todd Long. Are these people being kidnapped by aliens or something?
  • Odilatinam fix for FF32 has been reused in Gmail Manager NG
    see https://github.com/nedwidek/firefox-gmail-manager-ng/issues/47#issuecomment-54694514