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  • T getglue tab is open on start up on the browser. There doesn't seem to be a way to disable that.
    There was a time you could use the app to add movies or shows not in the database, not anymore. That tool bar is thus completely useless.
  • What's up with this add on? Just started having this issue since December 2012. Don't have Get Glue set as a start up tab, but the add on insists on opening a tab every time I open Firefox, even restarts. Really ANNOYING!. Great they want to do mobile apps. I use Get Glue on all my Mobile Devices. However, there are times when I watch media on the computer &/or on 3D TV via computer. Using add on to check in is easier than needing to use multiple devices ALL the time. BUT - If this Add On Keeps Up with this Behavior It will Become ANNOYING ENOUGH TO UNINSTALL! If the Developers were Really Smart they would support BOTH Android & Windows versions of their Product! Won't give more stars until this issue is fixed. Will affect my feelings towards mobile app as well. It's "fun" to check in but I DO NOT need to! I can live with out this add on & their mobile apps, they are not a necessary part of life. I have a mobile app that tracks TV episodes watched & DVDs owned - Databases are more functional than Get Glue. Can and will give up all versions if I continue to be annoyed. I'm sure I'm not the only one.......
  • When I'm searching for something using the Find bar, the bar that says "Loading GetGlue, hang on..." hides the highlighted text that Firefox scrolls to. I have to scroll down a few lines to even see it.
  • well if they don't update this bar you cant check in to things via imdb.com because sometimes you just cant find what your looking for in the getglue search bar.. what the hell is with that.
  • I wrote to the GetGlue folks -- they will not be updating this add-on. They've decided to concentrate on mobile apps.

  • Please update!! I love this add on
  • Please update it! It's sooo helpful!
  • please update it. i like the recommendations. it's pretty cool.
  • This worked great until they updated Firefox...now it's not compatible with 5.0.
  • very ice add on i use everyday from this add on
  • I tried this plug in , but when i switch the system i loose the track of my stuff. Came across this www.mybantu.com which is giving good recommendations and this track my recommendations and switching between systems is easy n seamless. I wish they can do a plugin and add to mozilla. try .. www.mybantu.com
  • Great add-on!
  • I added this to my browser but I still don't have the sticker associated with it (Addon Adhesive)..is this not the right addon..?
  • This is an interesting idea, but the way it presents is very intrusive. I have to uninstall it because it is constantly active at the bottom of my browser and it also sends me lots of email.
  • This addons helps a lot when it comes to the moment when you want to read something but actually have no glue what to read. With this addon you can see what others say about certain book and this can be a good suggestion where to start from. I would recomend this tool to everyone!!
  • have really enjoyed using this add-on. i like that you get awarded badges for participating, even though it might seem like a small thing, and the recommendations have been pretty better than expected, even if i've already read many of the books they've recommended--just need to let them know. ;-).
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  • Je pense que je suis bien pourtant sur la page en "français" et que malheureusement, ne comprenant pas l'anglais, je ne peux rien faire !!! Je trouve cela plus qu'injuste, à croire qu'on doit tous comprendre une langue jamais pratiquée...
  • Great addon to help find new and interesting things. I love being able to find scifi movies and books that pertain to my interests. Not all of the recommendations are spot on, but they are pretty good most of the time.
  • Very simple concept: when you visit sites for books, movies or music, GetGlue suggests things you might like. The more you use it, the more you benefit from it and the more you love it :)
  • I've started using Firefox 4.0 beta and miss this, please update!
  • Kind of cool--if a tad bit busy/frenetic feeling. I tend to be a book and movie guy. If you're interested books, a different helpful add-on is Bargain Book Mole, which makes finding lowest prices online very easy and fast.
  • all i see is a button on my status bar, no toolbar at all.
  • I've been using Glue for a while now. I hope FB like buttons won't impact too much the company because the service is really good.
  • Brilliant, but moved to Blippr and left.
    Had A great run while it lasted!