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  • I love it! Dark red with gold is my favorite color combination so for me, this add-on is PERFECT!

  • I love all the glowplug themes, but I think this one is the best. Really beautiful. If you have the "colorful tabs" ad-on, disable it to use the "glowy" themes or the tab font will be too dark to read.

  • So very beautiful! You are truly talented. I have downloaded everyone of your themes. Thank you for all your hard work.


  • Excellent - compact and very attractive. Good one glowplug!

  • i love it this is the best 1 i have used yet good job

  • This is my favorite of the set. 5 stars all the way!

  • Love it!

  • Danke für deine Glowy`s !!!
    Sie sind so wunderschön, das ich nur noch selten die Vollbild-Funktion nutze,
    um die schönen Glowy`s sehen zu können...

  • I love all the Glowy themes but especially the wineglowy. Stunning!

    I don't think any other theme comes close.

  • I have been using glowywine since I first installed Firefox almost 2 years ago. I am really disappointed in version 3.0 because it just barely resembles the older versions. I think that may have something to do with Firefox 3 being a pain in the rear, but nonetheless, I am now having to find a new theme.

  • Love ALL of the 'glowy' themes. Now that they have been finally upgraded to the current Firefox, I can use them again.

  • Glowplug ,You're not just a designer ,you're an artist ,such classy designs ,really Bravo

  • Luv It

  • Luv It


  • it's very nice and classy :D

  • Great work, my new theme of choice.

    My only problem is when you press Control+F, you can't read the text, but that's a tiny criticism.

  • I love the rich color and I can see it better!

  • Very Beautiful & Cool design that stands out & looks great...Does have a problem with readable words because of background but they have acknowledged that and are working on it...Also probably needs reports with extensions that it has minor bugs with like I have Webmail notifier that does not highlight new mail...other then that...Love it...

  • Your themes are exquisite. No one can touch the work you turn out. My only request would be a theme utilizing red and black, and/or, blue and black. However, I am quite pleased with this theme just the way it is.

    Getting greedy, I guess.

  • Your "glowy" themes are the very best. Please update them to 3.1b2. I really miss them. Thanks again for your meticulous work on these spectacular themes.

  • Очень искусная и высокохудожественная тема. Аффтар жжот!

  • I love all your glowy-based themes! This one is my favorite. :) Thank you for creating the upadates for FF3. :)

  • Simply beautiful. You are the best, Glowplug.

  • it's really beautiful. it's slightly overwhelming at first, but i really like it. Of course i also just downloaded it, so we'll see...