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  • I really like this theme. But it does not work in my browser
  • I love this theme. but it won't let me use it on the updated firefox.
  • The title says it all.
  • Have used glowyblue since it first came out and have never used anything else. It has always been comforting to see this lovely. classy add-on when I open FF. I would pay to have this theme forever. If there is anyway to bring compatibility back please let us know what we can do to make it happen.
  • Love this theme, but alas my Firefox version 22 is being discriminating - nasty Firefox slap your bum!

    Can we expect an update soon? Pretty Please?
  • This theme looks awesome and I would love to use it, but its incompatible with the latest version of firefox.
    The latest version is on my website at http://glowplug.bitasylum.net/?q=node/152
    NOTE: all I have done is increment the version and compatibility numbers.
    It has not passed AMO testing and there will be bugs.
  • Please, make Your "Glowy" themes collection compatible with the latest browser version! :) ( 15.0.1)
    Especially Glowyblue and gold...
  • I've missed the best theme on FF. It now works with FF 14.1
  • Спасибо за самую красивую тему!Жаль,что с Firefox 13.0.1 она не совместима.Но прошлые 3 года я наслаждалась красотой glowygreen в своём компьютере.Ещё раз спасибо!
  • When my FF went from 11 to 12, all of your themes were disabled, except that for some reason, the GlowyWine theme remained AS my theme, even though it said it was disabled. But NOW it jumped to FF 13, and I don't even have THAT anymore. I have advanced Multiple Sclerosis, and your Glowy themes (I actually had ALL of them), weren't just gorgeous, but their dark *colors* across the board were Heaven to my eyes. Heck, I'm bedridden, and even the *windows* in my bedroom are "blacked out". So, please, Please, PLEASE, update your Glowy themes for FF 13!!!!!!!!!!
    I've had problems getting an update out.
    If you email me I can reply with unnofficial versions of each theme good till FF 15.
    The only known issue is Web Developer > Inpsect.
  • geil einfach cool
  • It's a very wonderful theme, but yesterday I upgated my FF11 to FF12, and it stopped working. It's one of the most wonderful themes I have ever seen. Please upgrade the theme.
  • Looks and works great!
    Thank You.
  • thank you so much...I love you more than i can say
  • Beautiful!!!
  • It' really great. Thanks a lot for this wonderful theme.
  • I liked the colours, but it screwed up the ReminderFox calendar. I was unable to see which days I had important items highlighted in, I had to mouse each day to view what was in it. I wish I had not updated to a newer version of firefox now. Now I'm stuck with the boring classic theme because of how it integrates with ReminderFox
    I have submitted a release for AMO review that fixes this problem.
    Please note that the theme did not and does not completely screw over Reminderfox.
    The problem has been in my themes since Firefox 4 and even the Reminderfox team missed it.
    I have responded to alot of other user requests for Reminderfox so even they did not notice it.
    There is a reason why this problem is present in quite a number of dark themes of which I am trying to contact their authors.

    Please consider other reviews before taking weight on the 20% rating.
    In light of things I feel it unjustified.
  • ++++++++++ !!!!!! the best!
  • В браузере v. 8.0.1 панель вкладок на половину находится за границей экрана.
    Исправьте пожалуста,
    тема нравится к ней привык, только вот с обновлением Firefoxe вышла такая вот проблема (пользоваться совершенно не удобно...)
    Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you like glowygreen.
    Please let me know which tab extensions you use - my themes don't normally have that problem.
  • Kiváló .Köszönöm szépen.
  • Glowygreen is awesome in all good ways, but it startled me not to see a padlock icon at the bottom to indicate secure sites. Hope this add-on will become available for Firefox 5.0. I just discovered it a few months ago, and it would be sad to lose it.
    Thank you for your feedback, version has just been released which fixes both these issues.
    Firefox 5 compatibility.
    The lock was superceded by the Site Identity Button with the release of Firefox 4 (http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Site%20Identity%20Button).
    When I submit my themes the Automated Tester tells me to remove code for it, fortunately a Person told me to put it back for this release.
  • Тема для любителей эльфов. Сделайте пожалуйста ее для мазилы 5. Пожалуйста. одна ошибка только в этой теме глаза мозолит. Когда каспер проверяет скачанное из инета, полоска которая бегает там где скачивается файл спускается ниже выходя из своего положенного места.
  • I love it and i'm very happy that its working on Fox 4 now. One question: in last version the distance-holder (sorry, my english is not that good - hope you know what i mean) in the bookmark toolbar was very nice golden dots - now i see just a white horizontal barIs there any chance to change this ?thanks for your great work
    Hi, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
    I changed the toolbar seperators from dots to "Vertical" lines after a number of requests.
    They are "Horizontal" on All In One Sidebar but the color should match theme border colors.
  • I don't know, what your profession is, but I guess, you are a grafics designer. Your feeling for the harmony of olors is great :)

    I don't have expected this result from the color green, which isn't easy to handle - again 5 Stars from me :)
  • Прелесть!!! Очи отдыхают как на малахите! :)
    Thank you