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  • The "idea" of this add-on seems wonderful. But why a "two step process"? Can't you package it in a more user-friendly manner? I'm moderately well-versed in computer lingo, and I'd like this add-on to succeed, so please make it more accessible. Thanks.

    Developer response

    I assume you mind under the two step process the client side (plugin) and the server side (web application). The reason is the following.
    There are tones of good local link managers for the FireFox. There is no need to develop another one.
    There are some solutions for centralized link management which are accessible from everywhere – Google Notebook, Zoho Notebook, Evernote. The problem is that they can stop offering the service like Google or Zoho, they can change the conditions, they can misuse your private data stored on their server.
    My solution supplies both the client side and server side, and, the user installs the server side at own server or at own hosting, and he has the control over it.