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  • PLEASE!! port it now! we, the community is in great need!!
  • The guys from Mozilla are not willing to make this a standard function in Firefox.
    for details.

    Maybe reporting this bug again and/or many votes will change their mind !
  • i have a same Problem!

    no good work with firefox 3.6.3

  • [quote]This add-on does not work with version 3.6.3, and hopefully be fixed soon.[/quote]
  • This add-on does not work with version 3.6.2, and hopefully be fixed soon.
  • This add-on worked perfectly, as far as we could tell, in all versions of Firefox 3.5. Now, it appears to forget default zoom levels for domains, it changes the zoom level unexpectedly and all by itself, triggered only by scrolling or mouseovers. We love this add-on. Please make it work again!
  • Good! Would like a Marquee Zoom like in adobe reader. That would be nice.
  • Wanted to use this to replace my combo of "Default FullZoom Level" plus "QuickPageZoom". The thing that made me switch back to those add-ons was that opening a page in a background tab with "Glazoom" would not zoom the page unless I reloaded the page after switching to the new tab. If that gets fixed, I'll switch back to the single add-on of "Glazoom".
  • This has the potential to be a really great addon.

    I would like to request on thing only: Instead of right-click to zoom on element, how about double-click on the element? This would be exactly how iPhone does it.

    Also, when you zoom in on an element the scroll bar sometimes cuts off the right edge of the element. Could this be fixed at all? Its kinda annoying when reading text.

    Thanks very much. Great addon!
  • Thanks for updating, but it is a little buggy. When you open a new tab the zoom level changes.
  • Thank you for updating!!

    Great Job!!
  • its stupid, you can all ready do the same thing with out it
  • The application is great!
    Firefox 3.6 final version please...
    from Brazil xD
  • Firefox 3.6 causes issues with Glazoom again. Once again it is having difficulty keeping track of zoom levels of specific websites (open 2 pages one at 100% and one at 110% and restart... often they swap zoom levels); and when opening new tabs (in any way - middle click, context menu, from extension manager, etc.), the currently focused tab can change its zoom level. If it's at 100%, it goes to 110% and if it's already at 110%, it goes down to 100%.

    Zoom levels just seem to be random now under 3.6.
  • Firefox 3.6 final version please...
  • No documentation. No help file. Developer's site has no mention of this extension. Can't get 'zoom on element' to work.

    It would be wonderful if I could get this working!
  • It would be perfect for me, if it didn't have those completely useless context menu entries. I always remove them myself from the source code. The menu entries aren't even context sensitive and thus don't belong into the context menu with the possible exception of one menu entry.

    I like the fact that I can remove the buttons from the status bar, please do something about the context menu.
  • funktioniert einwandfrei !
  • Real nice extension. Once thing that would be good is away to reset the zoom back to it's default. I was thinking maybe by right-clicking the up or down spinbuttons or magnifying glasses.
  • Nice!!! Just what i wanted.. the element selection is something really cool.. but sadly, no support for vertical tab bar like treestyle tab, part of the zoom gets hidden behind the tabbar. also a "zoom to fit window" wud be nice. :)
  • Cool Tool as it allows me to manipulate the zoom-factor exactly as I need it. Standard zoom and other tools just allow to zoom up and down.
    My wishlist:
    1. Add an icon with the %values that I can drag into my statusbar like in NeoOffice.
    2. Add a function "Zoom to page width" like in Adobe's pdf-player

    Last but not least: Thanks for your efforts building another nice little add-on that makes FF number one in the web.
  • Great and essential addon for Firefox!
  • פשוט מושלם לבלוג של תומר כהן (הכתב שם קטן ביותר)
  • Fantastic addon. Does exactly as stated and then some. Thanks.

    A couple of suggestions. Could you add an option so it will always be last, or right on the status bar. Currently this sits right in the middle of my status bar between other extensions. I would much prefer glazoom to appear to the extreme right on my status bar.

    Also, could you add an option to show a "reset" button, whereby it will automatically reset the changed zoom back to 100% so we don't have to step back down in increments to reach 100% or open the drop box.

    Thanks for your great work.