GlassMyFox [Fx29-56] Version History

29 versions

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Version 1.4.1 66.9 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 56.*

[fix] Fx55 & 'white button icons' option: downloads icon glitch
[fix] Fx55-56 & 'white button icons' option

Version 1.4.0 66.5 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 56.*

[fix] Fx51+ & tabs appearance: removed tab separators
[general] minor Fx53+ tweaks
[general] minor Fx51+ tweaks

Version 1.3.9 65.5 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 56.0

[general] marked as multi-process compatible
[fix] Windows 10 + Firefox 47/48 (+ Glass8): titlebar buttons
[change] improved support for "Beyond Australis" add-on

Version 65.5 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 48.0

[fix] white/inverted icons option for Fx45+

Version 57.3 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 47.0

[locale] Spanish (es) translation (thanks to strel)
[locale] minor tweaks on English, German and Italian locales

Version 1.3.8 55.2 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 47.0

[fix] help>about window: minor improvements
[fix] white icons option
[fix] Win 10 glitch with min/max/close icons
[fix] compatibility with Fx45+ builds
[fix] "sidebar" transparency for vertical tabs

[change] minor tweaks for CTRs squared tabs + GMF tabs combo
[change] white icons option: added support for latest default buttons

Version 1.3.7 53.2 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 46.0

[fix] search bars red "not found" appearance got removed by textbox settings
[fix] custom text color settings did not get applied correctly
[fix] text color settings affected toolbar button icons

[new] 'glass' settings for panel popup menus

[change] support for "The Fox, only better" add-on
[change] transparency for popup menus inside bookmarks buttons menu popup

Version 51.3 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 42.0

[change] minor tab improvements

Version 51.0 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 36.0
[fix] prefwindow was broken
[fix] white icons option broke icons in panel menu and customizing mode

[fix] Australis tabs + pinned tabs + overflow
[fix] panel menu popup glitch
[change] switched from __proto__ to Object.create()
[change] dropped support for Fx16-28
[change] removed settings non-compatible to Fx29+
[change] Splitted 'textbox, urlbar, searchbar' option into two options

Version 60.5 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 34.0

[change Fx29+] Australis compatible tabs are selected automatically on first start *

[change] excluded titlechanged pinned tab from glass tab settings

[change] minor color tweaks in some areas

[change] page info transparency is now set by 'preference window and dialog' glass settings

[change] other minor tweaks

[change] GMF prefs can be synced now

* There are still only four tab variations compatible to Fx 29+ (Australis UI)

Version 59.6 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 28.0

[new] expert tweak: transparent Findbar on Fx 25+

[change] minor tweaks here and there

Version 58.7 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 27.0


[fix] scrollbars on library windows got broken on v1.3.1

[change] removed white plugins background from identity box


[new] sync window is now 'glassy', if the corresponding option is enabled

[new] transparency for more areas on 'page info' window

[new] text color and shadow settings for urlbar/searchbar text *

[fix] popup/dropdown menu text settings

[change] 'glass urlbar/searchbar' option -> 'glass textbox/urlbar/searchbar'option to affect all xul textboxes

* 'glass urlbar/searchbar v2 & v3' users have to adjust their text color setting using the new option (if needed)

Version 1.3.1-signed 55.0 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 26.0

[new] some preference areas are glassified now (if 'glass preferences' is enabled)

[new] urlbar & searchbar popups are glassified now (if 'glass dropdown/popup menu' is enabled)

[fix] removed dublicated logo on about window (final/beta channel)

Version 54.7 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 26.0

(new) option to enable white text on preference windows (requested by Ali S.)

(change) tooltip option also affects status panel tooltip

(change) tweaks for for Firefox UX (Australis theme)

(fix) about window: Firefox logo position for Fx23+

Version 54.0 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 24.0

(new) Italian translation by Tokai

(change) some css additions for future Fx versions (Fx UX/25)

(change) the four 'Australis' tabs options are now optimized to work with Fx UX/25 instead of discontinued Australis 2.x theme.

(fix) tweaked glass toolbar buttons option

Version 51.9 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 24.0

As promised I've added the new option for tabs: "Glass tabs v6 inverted"

Version 51.4 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 22.0

(new) "Glass"-setting for history/bookmarks sidebar (off, v1, v2)
(change) minor tweaks on options window

Version 50.5 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 22.0

Changed import and export scripts. No unsafe importing of scripts allowed anymore.

- (new) settings window accessable through 'Preferences' button on GMFs settings page *
- (new) import/export/restore settings on settings window only

* Info
User 'Threshold' noticed inline options -like used by GMF- won't be displayed correctly inside All-In-One sidebars add-ons manager.
Colorpickers for example won't open dropdown menus to select colors, settings/descriptions may be hard to read due the lack of space inside sidebars add-ons manager.
GMFs preference window allows options to be used the 'classic' way.

Info 2
To the people, who reported bugs via add-ons validator:
- "Open new tab problem after update Glass My Fox 1.2.3."
- "Bug When tab move or change position"
--> problems were tab-extension (TU/TMP) related and had nothing to do with GMF! GMF only changes the GUI and doesn't modify tab functionality.

- "doesn't work with Personas"
--> GMF changes Firefox GUI like a theme would do and is not meant to be used together with a theme or a Persona! GMF is for default Firefox theme only!

Version 46.5 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 20.0a1

- unprefixed CSS
- glassed page info
- glassed some AIOS areas
- updated info texts for people that wrongly install GMF on non-AeroGlass systems.

From Firefox 16 onwards Mozilla decided to use unprefixed CSS. Articles about that can be found here and here.
To insure this add-on runs correctly on future Firefox versions, support for Fx15 and older has been dropped.

Version 47.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 19.0a1

- (new) appbuttons 'no border/background/dropdown' setting
- (new) four tabs options compatible with Australis 2 theme
- (new) some options to change url- and searchbars background
- (new) option to make any tab content semi-transparent (-> expert tweaks, read info)
- (change) adjusted appbuttons 'no border/background' setting

Version 43.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 18.0a1

- moved settings-init to 'startup' and settings to 'default branch' (AMO editors request)
- (change) reverted tabs to tabs from v1.1.x
- (new) added tabs from v1.2 as own options
- (fix) prevent font settings from staying active when a user switches between AeroGlass and AeroBasic inside WindowsOS settings.

Tab settings have to be reset once, after upgrading to this version.

Version 1.2.1-signed 40.0 KiB Works with Firefox 10.0 - 16.0a1

- major code clean up for main toolbars
- replaced radiogroups with menulists
- fixed some errors
- dropdown menu glass settings are 'off' by default (*)
- tweaks on tab settings
- changed active tab for 'tabs on top' view to look nicer with glassed toolbars

- split main setting into several (new) glass options:
-- main window toolbars
-- tabs (list with tab variations)
-- library (list with glass variations)
-- preferences, dialogs etc. (list with glass variations)
-- download window

- added other glass settings to main settings group

- toolbar text settings are for main window only for now
- changed some labels and combined all 'text settings' into one group

- change on expert tweaks:
-- replaced "opacity fix"-option with transparent "about:blank" option
-- this setting is "off" by default

- no changes on other settings

- (new from 1.1.2pre1) three tab settings compatible with (old) Australis themes (no curved tabs!)

Note: All upgraders will have to reset their settings.

(*) There is a conflict between Windows 7/Vista and Firefox when it comes to glassify dropdown menus on first install. It is not a bug of this extension.
Often but not always some dropdown menus look corrupt after first installation. This can be 'fixed' by doing a browser restart. Because of that I decided to disable this option by default. Users have to set this option manually.

Version 32.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 17.0a1

- new setting: Glass v2 for settings/dialogs
-> Firefox 'Library' is affected by this setting now too
- fixed glass toolbar button setting for FF14+
- internal fixes

Version 1.1.1-signed 30.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 15.0a1

- reordered some settings
- (new) option to set font color of bookmarks/history sidebar content
- (new) option to enable/disable Glass-effect on preference windows
- (new) option to enable/disable Glass-effect on toolbar-tooltip
- (new) option: another Glass tab variation
- (new) option to make nav-bar buttons more glassy [on large icon view]
- (new) option to disable FF12+ "about:newtab" content and make page transparent
--> only possible if "Stylish" is installed!
- (new) option to draw a line between tabbar and navbar [tabs on top]
- default setting for dropdownmenu color is now (black text and white shadow v1)
- (fix) higher difference between enabled/disabled toolbar items (font settings)
- other minor fixes

Version 24.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 14.0a1

- colorpickers for dropdownmenu/toolbars text color/shadow
- new option: glass buttons
- new options: semi transparent background for top/bottom toolbars
- switched default "Glass Tabs" and "alternative Glass Tabs v3" options
-> change requested by Mozilla Editors
- minor tweaks on dropdown menu white text and black shadow v1
- new toolbars text option: default text color and white shadow
** extensions can set own toolbar text color

Note: It is recommended to uninstall GMF, restart FF and reinstall GMF, if you experience a problem with (new) font color options after upgrading from 1.0.8/1.0.9pre1 to 1.0.9(final)

Version 22.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 13.0a1

Note for upgraders:
In 1.0.8 "Firefox button" and "Toolbar text" got own option groups.
To not mess around with GMF settings (on next update), both option groups won't take their "default" value on upgrade and remain in "off" position. That means FF-button will become "orange" and toolbar texts "black". Users will have to (re)set them manually to "glass" (FF-button) and "white" (toolbar text) in add-ons preferences to have gui like in v1.0.7.
New users are not affected and will have these options automatically set to default on installation.

- new options group "Firefox button" *1
- new option: Firefox-button -> icon only *2
- new option: "Aurora" Firefox button style
- new option: "Nightly" Firefox button style
- new option: "Glass" FF-button (moved to own option) *3
- new option: Glass and "GMF tabs" v2
- new option: Glass and alternative tabs v1 *4
- new option: Glass and alternative tabs v2 *4
- new option: Glass and alternative tabs v3 *5
- fixed bug with "highlight selection in some dd-boxes" *6
- new options group "Toolbar text" *7
- optimized "GMF tabs" (v1)
- fixed minor bugs
- changes for hard readable elements (bookmark library, sidebar, password windows) *8

*1: Not compatible to Stratiforms styling options. Stratiforms FF-button settings will always overwrite this settings
*2: show icon instead of dropmarker and text string "Firefox"
*3: if you are upgrading from a previous version, you will have to (re)set the glass effect for Firefox Glass button manually.
*4: requested by "kisss256" and "Lex1888"
*5: requested by "Lex1888"
*6: dropdown boxes bug reported by "Raszlor"
*7: same settings like for dropdown menu text colors; requested by "Jörg"
*8: reported by "biggyspender", "Raszlor"

Version 14.0 KiB Works with Firefox 9.0 - 12.0a1

- moved addon code to bootstrapped code
- preferencess are now on GMFs addon page
- moved dropdownmenus glass feature to own option group
- added option for semi-transparent dropdownmenus (wip)
- added option "glass and custom tabs v2". -> use this, if v1 background is too white in some cases.
- new option: more space between menubar items
- new option: make menuseperators visible
- internal changes
- better support for GroupTabsManager-extension
- new option to disable "about:blank" transparency ("about:blank"s transparency only works with "Stylish" installed and enabled anyway).
This option can solve a rare problem that appears on "" when downloading an image. This "bug" is not GMFs fault, since it styles the "about:blank" page and some scripts on "" masquerade their "image-in-new-tab" function as "about:blank" page.

Version 20.0 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 12.0a1

- Glass options radios reordered; now with only one "off" button
-- requested by AMO-Editors
- new options:
-- "white text with black shadow" in dropdown menus v1&v2
-- "black text with white shadow" in dropdown menus v1&v2
-- (requested by Jack A.)
- menubar is now fully glassed
-- requested by Tigerscale
- internal changes
- Italian translation (by Tokai)
- support for FF12a1

Version 17.0 KiB Works with Firefox 8.0 - 12.0a1

- readded "GMF" tabs option (requested by TRV)
- " changes are taking effect 'on the fly' "
--> fixed on multi-window browsing
- internal changes
** restart Firerox for Glass options is still recommended

- removed "GMF" tabs option (dind't look nice enough for me ;-))
- removed round tabs option (didn't work correctly on default tabs)
- changed prefwindow checkboxes to radios
- changes are taking effect "on the fly" now

- removed unneeded code
- fixed some css bugs
- white toolbar buttons option is now for both big and small icon view

- some fixes on default tabs
- new option: enabled/disable white tabtext
- internal fixes

1.0.1 (added some tweaks from my Noia4 theme)
- default tabs changed to be more "glassy"
- new option: Glass with custom tabs
- new option: higher tabs
- new option: higher bookmarks toolbar
- new option: "GMF" tabs (default on 1.0)
- new option: combined favicon/closebutton
- new option: round tabs
- label change: white toolbar buttons -> small white buttons
** only for small icon view

- first release
- (option) enable/disable Glass effects
- (option) enable/disable small white toolbar buttons
- available in English and German