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  • Love the glass look. :)
  • Accept donations through crypto!
  • I really like this one in Windows 10 by also using Glass8 with it. But it doesn't work on the newest Firefox Quantum, is it possible for you to update it? If yes, when?
    Use custom CSS code for Firefox 57+ ( https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx/issues/2 ) to keep classic ui features.
  • <3
  • Splended! I love aero glass. It will be better if you author provide your Alipay account and I am glad to donate some. Paypal is not convinient for me to use.
    I'm sorry, but I only use Paypal
  • .
    Switch to Firefox 52ESR builds. Firefox 55/56 are the last step before the end of legacy add-ons, which won't work on Firefox 57.
  • Hace de mejor aparecia a mi gusto Firefox, me gustaria apoyar al desarrollador. Un complemento unico
  • Широкие настройки внешнего вида, различные виды вкладок, эффектов прозрачности, которые нигде ранее не реализовались на Aero. Это чуть по-другому выглядит на Vista, потому что некоторые шрифт невозможно прочить, зато отлично работает на 7.
    Однако многие возможности этого приложения губит отсутствие мультипроцессорности, оно отключает его, а если включить принудительно, то возможны глюки, например, моргание верхней панели вкладок. Please make application stable for multiprocessing.
    This add-on is compatible to browsers multi-process features. This glitches you are referring to are caused by Firefox faulty way to register style sheets on multi-process mode. Nothing add-ons can do about.
  • sweet
  • amazing
  • Four stars only because perfection would be found with a transparent sidebar background in conjunction with Omni sidebar or All in one sidebar. Using the addon Glassmyfox with location bar enhancer, Cassic theme restorer,classic toolbar buttons and beyond australis addons. Glassmyfox provides more ability to customize Firefox with more options in a beautiful way!
    Omni Sidebar and All In One Sidebar add-ons display browser content inside a sidebar (e.g. add-on manager). Browser content (like websites) can not offer transparent backgrounds like toolbars. Nothing any add-on can do about.

    GMF + Omni Sidebar add-on: depending on the selected options GMF can offer transparency for bookmarks, history, page info and downloads in sidebar.

    GMF + All In One Sidebar add-on: compatibility is much lower with this one. Almost nothing works properly with that combo.
  • Got the simple wish to have an option for less transparency when Slim Crome is active. on webpages with a colorful, textful header it's killing my eyes to try to see any toolbar symbols. XD
    To be clear i mean SLIM CROME DROPDOWN function from Beyond Australis add on.
    Basically PLEASE add an option to have the SLIM CROME bar less transparent!!
    (i have a sidebar addon running too. so when i change your option for the "TOP toolbar..." it does nothing for the Slim Crome bar anymore...

    PLEAAASE add support for beyond australis slim crome bar!!

    THAAA_Aaaaaa-ank! YOU! amazing addon otherwise <3

    greetings,love.. live long and prosper + thanks a lot for all :)
    The newest beta improves support with "Beyong Australis" add-on.
  • Good Job Thanks!
  • Hello! I'am installed FF46 - now all OK! Thanks!))
  • Update: Per Developer Aris' simple glass8.eu advice, I'm now able to seamlessly use GMF transparency on my Firefox, as well as most applications on my new Win10 Pro x64... thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    I've recently upgraded to Win10... it's nice, but boy do I miss my previous Win7, mainly because of this incredible GlassMyFox extension which turns my Firefox browser into a beautiful sight to behold... I just miss and love how my browser transitions in colors as my landscape wallpapers (+10,000 pics) change in unison... if only GMF works for Win10... but 5-star anyways, for the joy it has given me for years, albeit it has been disabled since my OS upgrade... Thank you Aris.
    GMFs transparency works on Windows 8 and 10, if you use Glass8 to restore Windows "Glass" feature: http://www.glass8.eu/
  • Yes I'm using Windows 10 with Glass8. I tried the latest add-on 1.3.8 Beta 4 and it gets rid of the firefox's minimize, maximize, and close buttons. Only showing this addon minimize, maximize, and close buttons. So I think it to do with some changes in firefox 43 as I've been using Windows 10 for a year and firefox with this add-on nd never seen that problem until firefox 43 come out. I provided another screenshot. Perhaps it the best not to modifier those buttons.
    You are entering a very deep customization area here.
    Win10 + Glass8 + custom min/max/close icons + customized Fx ui, that hides default Fx min/max/close icons.

    I think you are right and those buttons should not be modified.

    Note: GMF does not provide any min/max/close icons. Firefox offers an own layer of them on top of the "default" ones provides by the OS or in your case by Glass8.
    GMF just hides the default Fx icons, but leaves button dimensions untouched, because neither Fx on add-ons can detect the dimensions Glass8 provides.
  • After about three days of research, I'm finally satisfied with how this extension works with Windows 10. The important thing is to use Windows 10 compatible theme atlas, symbol, and layout files. The Windows 7 and 8 versions always cause some problems.
  • Needs a lot of tweaking depending on your current addons and layout, don't rush, it takes trial and error but after 1 hour you will eventually reach the glass nirvana.

    I only wish for more semi-glass goodness and the tabs needs serious attention, one you can't tell what's the current tab, and some need to fix the current tab transition from solid to glass or a gradient glass.

    I fixed most of the problems combining this add-on with a firefox theme (Persona).
  • * only one important ADVISE*

    If you use vertical tab with this extension, DON'T use TabKit2 as it breaks Firefox GUI (start to happen since FF 40). Use TreeStyleTab instead :)
  • Please! Update to Win10! Por favor! actualiza a W10!
    Hi, Windows 8&10 do not offer transparency by default? Do you have Glass8 installed?
  • but……win10 (=_= |||
    Try Glass8 to restore window transparency on Windows 8-10 --> http://glass8.eu/
  • One of the best, nothing less than five stars. Firefox with an incredibly fitting look.

    Have a minor issue though, appreciate if this could be looked into. I cannot seem to get the default red background whenever I type a wrong find query in the findbar, and turning off the addon shows GMF is the issue of this - https://justpaste.it/mlu2
    Thanks for reporting, this will be fixed on next beta/final...
  • this app its so great i love it ñ_ñ
    thanks for your work. (Y)
  • There is a bug, why open Transparent findbar, Youku and other video sites players will be blank, but there is sound.
    Some settings in "expert category" have negative effects on plugins (like already mentioned in their description): http://i.imgur.com/owEfWl1.png

    Make sure you read them before enabling. The reason for this is their deep css changes, which are on same level main content is btw. may be in some cases.
  • Seems as if the latest Firefox has changed my old settings. The text on the tab on the open window is fine but when you have more than one tab only the one tab on the window that you're currently on has clear text, the other tabs have blurry text. How can I fix this? Otherwise, I still love this addon.
    Please test GMF on a new profile and recheck tab font appearance when only GMF is installed. Anything changed?

    GMF has only one option to change tab text color to white, so probably another add-on interferes.

    Come to GMFs support forum to share more info about your testing results, OS version, OS theme, Fx version etc...