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GiftWisdom 1.1 Requires Restart

by oblinq

GiftWisdom Social GiftRegistry for the holidays for those expensive gifts. PUT AN END TO RE-GIFTING FROM NOW ON!

We launched this site by connecting popular online features such as social bookmarking add-on, online payments, paypal, and universal wishlists to create a site thats lets friends come together to give meaningfully. With Social networking all the rage and upcoming gifting season, it would be good to publish this add-on.

The idea is to make expensive gifting possible by letting friends pool cash easily and put an end to re-gifting. Save the environment a bit! It works with your Paypal account.

Use GiftWisdom even at those times when you need to give something to a colleague and hate having to run cubicle to cubicle reminding folks to payup. Now all that can happen at GiftWisdom from your individual computers!.