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  • Gads, I HATE gif files. Whatever made web designers think we need to see that they can construct automated screen space and bandwitdh hogs? Thanks coders, keep it up.

    PS, your address bar 2 color on / off indicator works just fine.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Works in Firefox 45.x with minor caveats. Although Gif Block doesn't prompt for a restart, restarting does appear to be necessary. Also, it may not work on first loading a page, or loading the first page. Might have something to do with caching, not sure. Otherwise, it doesn't just hide .gif files, it actually blocks them from downloading. As others have noted, this is overkill for most people, as what many of us want is a program that 1) identifies animated .gifs during the download process, 2) closes the network connection on such files, 3) tidies what is downloaded into a single frame .gif for display, but 4) offers a context menu to reload the entire animation if desired. For now, I will use this Add-On sometimes.

  • So damned sick of the NY Time's stupid GIFY's - but adblock (which is also great) blocked some useful stuff. This just blocks the idiocies (Dear NYT : i know a triathlon involves running, swimming and biking, you do not need to show me an endless loop...)

  • The old icon for the last gif blocker I used I actually knew when it was on or off by more than just the color, I'm having trouble remembering whether it's on or off.

    Instead of merely changing the color of the icon, any chance you could update it to have the icon crossed out or something? Or could someone tell me how to replace the image of the gif block icons- I'm willing to give it a shot but don't know where to start.

    Developer response

    thanks for your opinion. in the new version the icon problem has been solved.

  • It works for me, using Firefox v38.0.5.

  • Very Helpfull.

  • I think this is a great idea!

  • thank you

  • با سلام و خسته نباشید من از فایرفوکس 47.0.1 استفاده میکنم ولی متاسفانه روی مرورگر من کار نمیکنه علش چه میتونه باشه؟ آیا طریقه فعال سازی خاصی دارد؟

    Developer response

    نسخه جدید منتشر شد که با آخرین نسخه از فایرفاکس همخوانی دارد.

  • Works exactly as advertised with Firefox 43.0.4

    HOW TO: The add-on is out of date so upon the first installation the icon won't show up in your browers add-on-bar and you have to do the following:

    You need to install: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/the-addon-bar/

    With this bar installed the Gif Block icon will now show up, then move the icon from the new add-on-bar to your actual Firefox add-on-bar. After that you can remove the additional toolbar add-on.

    Since I'm sitting on limited bandwith this add-on is very important to me and sadly there doesn't seem to be other add-ons that offer the same features.

  • Does not even stop the gif on firefox homepage (the reason i downloaded it)

  • Doesn't Do the job; Just as an useless bloatware.

  • perfect just what i need, thank you very very much

  • Disable in FireFox v37

    Developer response

    The new version released and it works with the latest version firefox

  • I installed https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/the-addon-bar/ and finally saw the Gif Block option. Thanks.

    Add-on needs update.

  • To make this add-ons work you just need to make your add-ons bar showing up via the menu-options and then, right click the Gif Block icon to select "enable or disable". It will block the browser to load new .gif image who are not in your browser cache to be downloaded so it can save a lot of time and internet use.

    With the new Firefox 29, Mozilla removed the add-ons, mudules bar so you need to bring it back with an add-ons like "The Addon Bar (restored)"

    I use the Gif Block add-ons since months with any windows firefox computer i can use to browse the web and it worked on all of them. This add-ons will not start blocking .gif at the moment you install it. The right click on the Gif Block icon in the add-ons, modules bar is the key.

  • Firefox really needs to sweep such old extensions which no longer works from its add-ons library.

  • I installed this primarily to stop animated gifs from loading in Google Reader. This extension, so far, has done nothing about that.

  • Good concept, but most gif images do not need to be blocked, only the animated gifs. Please redesign this to discriminate between static and animated gifs and then set it up to be a toggle so that one may toggle a single image if they wish to watch its animation without unblocking all animated gifs. Just a suggestion, but it might be easier to simply freeze all animated gifs on the first frame when this extension has animated gif blocking active for all web pages. Then you could allow a single image toggle that would unfreeze or refreeze an image. It is very important to be able to REfreeze an animate gif after you take a look at it and are done with it.

  • Крайне полезный инструмент для тех, кому не нравятся мигания, сверкания и мельтешение баннеров.
    Автору спасибо!
    UPD: я тоже хотел бы, чтобы инструмент не GIF-файлы блокировал все подряд как сейчас, а лишь брал у анимированных GIF-ов 1 кадр и вставлял его - то есть именно анимацию блокировать нужно, а не все GIF-файлы.

  • i give u 5star for your think
    but please update it for better than now

    please recreate it with only gif animate blocking, and not block all other gif,
    and if u can create a best engine for it for block with size of files
    for example if one jpg file very big this script block that image

  • This does not block aaaaaaaaaannnythiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

    Developer response

    This addon blocks gif images. it is obvious that gif images which been loaded before wont be blocked.

  • It works by completely removing all .gif images so they can't load but it also blocks useful non-animating type gifs on some sites, like dictionary sites (merriam-webster, tfd), that use gifs to show the audio icon or pronunciation key.

    A better approach would be to load the gif images and then stop any gifs that are animating. Or offer it as a separate option. I know pressing the Esc key stops any animating gifs. Maybe you could have this addon automatically press the Esc key after the page is done loading or something.