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  • This is truly an amazing ad blocker! I feel so much safer browsing the web with this Add-on!
    Thanks for the kind words! Happy Browsing!
  • tak
  • ok
  • ótimo programa, e um dos únicos que no modo detalhado posso escolher o que bloquear e o que não bloquear.
  • Very handy and intuitive to work with. You can actually see how many trackers you deal with and turn them on and off for each site or everywhere. It's fun to pause and unpause it to see how many trackers you enable if you let all the trackers do their thing and how many other trackers they attract.
    Using ghostery made using the web a lot faster and more comfy to me.
    I still use ublock on the side and tweak both for the best experience. Ghostery and uBlock are great together.
  • Ghosteryはとても判りやすく扱いが非常に簡単です。

    私はABPとGhosteryの2つをFirefox Quantumに入れて同時併用しています。