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  • oui il et bien mais je n'arrive pas a avoir GHOSTERY
  • Muy bueno
  • inexplicable VERY high use of CPU, want to access "all your data", slows down the navigations, sometimes doesnt work, when uninstalling the average temperature of my CPU dropped about 30 degrees
    In order for Ghostery to block trackers and ads, it needs to be able to detect and take action on elements of a web page as you browse. We do not record sensitive information, record browsing history, or disclose user data. Note that despite the prompt being new, Ghostery is not introducing any new permissions with the update. Would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com so we can look into your other concerns? Thanks!
  • Causes SEVERE slowdowns and increases loading times on nearly all webpages. Does not perform well at all. Would not recommend to anyone. The moment I uninstalled the extension, Firefox was immediately faster and smoother. I'll go back to using other extensions. Avoid Ghostery.
    I reached to Ghostery support. I'll update if they reply with a solution. For now I am still firmly under the impression that their add-no does not provide a faster experience. Yes, it blocks trackers and ads, but my experience was very slow and unusable.
    Ghostery speeds up page loads by blocking third party tracking, ads, and slow loading scripts. Please reach out to us by email to support@ghostery.com with any examples you can provide. Thanks!
  • Funciona perfeito deixando até o acesso mais rapido
  • Ghostery has started to hide reCaptcha check boxes. Other than that, it seemed to work nicely, but that changed it from nice to annoying, especially since you won't even know that there's one that's supposed to be there to be checked! Deleted.

    UPDATE: Ghostery said the problem was fixed. It has lessened, but it is not fixed. Too bad they don't know how to do a whitelist. Deleted again.
    Hi, this has been fixed. Feel free to email us at support@ghostery.com with any questions or concerns. Happy browsing!