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  • El blokeo de anuncios
  • 移动版本貌似没有设置选项??
  • me parece magnifico como bloqueador de anuncios y rápido para navegar
  • cool
  • Muy buena app para bloquear anuncios. Recomendado.
  • I used this before when I had fire fox it helped me tremendously keeping out ads
  • Schlechter Blocker und schlechter verfolgungs schutz! benutzt besser uBlock Origin!
  • Dadurch das dieses Addon einer Mediengruppe gehört lässt es deren Werbung durch.
  • Bloquea muy bien la publicidad y las paginas cargan mas rapida.
  • Es perfecto y facil de desactivar, te quita todos los anuncios de todas las paginas, desde youtube hasta la pagina mas pobre con publicidad.
  • adblocker ok
  • 非常好,简单明了,方便
  • One of my favorite extensions I've ever used!

    Ghostery is a really great way to simplify your privacy - Blocks trackers and cookies, AND blocks ads! Between this and uBlock Origin, I haven't seen an ad in months.

    Ghostery is a must-download.
  • Resets autoplay / dark mode / language settings on YouTube.
    This was first reported around 7 months ago, really should've been fixed by now.
  • Not compatible with FF 61.0.1 on LinuxMint. Freezes the whole program and needs to be force quit. In the past it's been wonderful. I will update my review if it works again, hopefully!!!

    Developer response

    Sorry about that, would you mind sending us an email to support@ghostery.com we can look into it further? Thanks!
  • Gracias, muy bien.
  • Los rastreadores no pense que fueran tantos. La privacidad significa libertad. Gracias.
  • mi pare efficiente
  • Excelente
  • j'appreçis ghotery car apparemment il me bloque ces ******! de trackeurs , qui m’espionnent a mort continuez frères , les bloquer c'est bien :les detruirent c'est mieux!

    Developer response

    Bonjour, si vous avez des questions ou des préoccupations, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à support@ghostery.com, merci!
  • Really does what it states, quietly, in the background, no muss, no fuss. Never saw the first but out of it, and I couldn't be more pleased, it's an all around quality add-on that everyone should get to enhance their online privacy experience.

    Developer response

    We appreciate the kind words! Happy Browsing!
  • Good extension, but are you collecting my data?

    Developer response

    We do not collect any personal information on our users. Here is a link to our privacy policy for further information: https://www.ghostery.com/about-ghostery/privacy-statements/ You may also contact us by sending an email to support@ghostery.com for any questions or concerns, happy browsing!
  • at the current date (13 August 2018) on of its flaws is that
    when Ghostery is enabled you browser (firefox) doesnt remember your selections on Dark Mode and disabled Autoplay at YouTube reseting them to default when you restart your browser.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feed back, would you mind sending an email to support@ghostery.com so we can look into it? Thanks!
  • Very good Add-On. I like very much!
  • 5 STAR! -1

    Thank You for fixes issues. For instance Export worked fine!

    But, I can't export my Ghostery settings to *.ghost file. Nothing happen. Once I got an error message.
    I can import.

    I've changed my password.
    Disabled, enabled addon, etc...

    Logout, login. Sometimes (motsly) addon miss (vanish) my account... :/ and can't export.

    Latest version, of course, with the written logout, login issue fixed. It looks to me, something doesn't work properly.



    A beállításait nem sikerült exportálni. Kérjük, próbálja meg újra.
    Your settings could not be exported. Please try again.

    I always have to login at the addon. After a few minutes, I see I gain have to login. :/

    Is it just me, can't able to export Ghostery settings?

    8.2.1 Works(ed) I mean Export my Settings to TXT file.

    8.2.2 issue, 8.2.3 issues. (addon login; logout infos always vanished)
    And I saw others also has some issue with the latest version. (You Tube, etc...) ://

    I have an idea. Login, Logout issues releated to:

    "+ Login state now syncs between extension and account.ghostery.com"