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  • 很好用,給推! Thank you for this amazing extension.
  • 很好用,就是有一点,有点时候开机之后,这个扩展就不见了
  • Gesturefy is hands down one of the best Firefox extensions I have ever used. The simplicity of mapping the gestures. I love how you can create your own gestures and rename them to whatever you want. Usually I would find at least one downside to an extension, I guess I would have to say the downside is.. that I can’t rate this more then 5 stars. Great job!
  • useful tool
  • Very convenient!
  • I've been using all kind of gesture addons for 10+ years. And this is absolutely the best one so far. Design is dope: UX, UI, dark theme, everything! If you are not satisfied with Gesturefy, stop finding, you simply can't see another better one. Many thanks to the developer.
    Thank you very much for your kind feedback!
  • It doesn't works on any tab e.g. about:config, Home or Firefox Add-Ons.
    Hey, this is a known Firefox limitation. You can read more in the add-on description (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/gesturefy/)
  • 簡單易用
  • It works great on Windows and Linux. I've setup everything like it was in old Opera.
  • Really Great! Thanks for your hard work.
  • せっかく設定したジェスチャが何回もリセットされる。もう耐えられないので他のアドオンに移ります
  • doesnt work
  • 非常好用
  • 找了好几个手势工具,拖拽保存图片的这个功能都是有问题的,下载的图片都没后缀,若都要自行修改,那还不如直接右键另存为,那至少没这问题。
  • ホイールまわしてから右クリックするとロッカージェスチャが暴発する
  • Great add-on, too bad that it's not a full replacement for (e.g.) FireGestures, because of the stupid limitations in Quantum. :(
  • Great addon, thank you! 2.x is very good.
  • So. I updated to 2.0.X version. And still can't see opportunity to set "find on this page (Ctrl + F)" command to gesture. Will it be available?
    Hey. Unfortunately this is not possible with the new API.
  • very nice update this 2.X... what you think about new popup gesture with list of search engines? (from FF settings or user defined)
    It is already planned and will probably be available in Firefox 63 :)
  • Improved customization is very easy to use! I like the gesture trail also, and the hint that appears showing you which command will be executed when the gesture is complete is nice. It's all about customization with this extension: you can modify the color/background color/transparency/etc of all the elements. Great job, devs!
  • Version 2.x is great!
    Hey. This is just an option, which is not active by default. You can change that.
  • The best extension of the category.
    Version 2.0 is amazing.
  • Essential addon for Firefox!

    EDIT: After I changed Firefox about:config settings by guidelines at privacytools.io it stopped working for me.
    Update: The problem is probably resolved in 2.0.2

    Please add more info so we can help you.
    Doesn't it work anywhere?
    And please check your settings. - Are all gestures available? Is the mouse track on? Is the addon even disabled?
    Otherwise, you can also create a backup, reinstall Gesturefy and restore your backup.

    You can also create an issue on https://github.com/Robbendebiene/Gesturefy/issues
  • It updated to version 2.
    Where are the tabs set to active after closing the tab?
    It is inconvenient.
    So I revert to the previous version and use it.

    I will continue to use it from now on.
    Five stars.
    Hey. Is the problem persisting after the latest update? (2.0.1)

    If so, please open an issue on https://github.com/Robbendebiene/Gesturefy/issues
  • Absolutely amazing workflow extension. I've been using other addons like it for years, this one is way ahead of the rest. I can highly recommend it!