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331 reviews for this add-on
  • Me ha gustado, es la mejor aplicación de gestos que he encontrado en Firefox. Tiene unas opciones de personalización bárbaras que ya quisiera tener cualquier navegador de esos que ya incorporan gestos del ratón por defecto.

    Tiene sus limitaciones y algunos problemas como todo software, sin embargo, vale la pena probar esta extensión.

  • 棒棒棒 用了就知道

  • Très efficace, je m'en sers tout le temps, merci !!!

  • It's would be great if you can add integration for the NextPlease addon

  • 웹 브라우저 조작을 쉽게 해줍니다.

  • '마우스 오른쪽 버튼을 누른 채 왼쪽 클릭'을 '링크를 전경 탭으로 열기'로 설정한 뒤 링크를 전경 탭으로 열었을 때 마우스 포인터가 손가락 모양으로 고정됩니다. 마우스포인터를 화면 위쪽의 도구 상자나 아래쪽의 작업 표시줄로 옮기면 화살표 모양으로 돌아옵니다.

  • In general, it works, but:
    - It dosen't work on any site.
    - The older gesture add-on I used before Quantum, had significantly more options.

    Developer response

    Hey, The first problem is a known limitation and stated in the addon description. Not a single extension will curently work on
    About your second point: If you are missing a prticular feature feel free to request it here:

  • В Firefox 61.0 не открывается домашняя страница "about:home" ! :( Исправьте пожалуйста. В остальном расширение работает хорошо! :)

    Developer response


    For security reasons, Mozilla has moved "about: home" to their privileged URLs.
    Thus, it is no longer possible to create this URL.

    For more information look here:
    or here:

  • 不能设置显示侧边栏

    Developer response

    This is an API limitation. We can't do anything there.
    There is an open issue for this:

  • Feature-wise and simplicity-wise, this is my favorite gesture extension.

    However, recently it just stops working for no reason. I find myself having to disable/enable the extension to get it working again, which is pretty frustrating. There doesn't seem to be any pattern (initially I thought some sites blocked it, like how you can't gesture on the add-ons page).

    Developer response


    You are welcome to write an issue, including information on which pages it concerns, which addons you have installed, or if they are specific gestures.

    Otherwise, we can not help you if there is no pattern :/

  • I used to use Firegestures, and this was the most promising replacement after the big addon/extension change.

    Gesturefy has been working fantastically, and I've even started using a couple more handy moves (like "Save Page As PDF" instead of printing as pdf for a very compact/neatly done pdf save, now I just need to find an addon that saves all open tabs as pdfs!).

    Thanks Rob and Itch!

    Developer response

    It is reviews like those that motivate us to further improve the addon, thank you :)

  • 設定的「開啟鏈結於新分頁 (背景)」若能增加進階設定「新分頁開啟在最後一個分頁」那就更佳了

  • 제스쳐가 안먹는 웹페이지나 화면이 있고 웹페이지 로딩 중 제스쳐를 입력하면 먹히질 않는다
    한마디로 제스쳐가 좀 굼뜬 경우가 있음
    그 외에는 쓸만함

  • Simply perfect!

  • Great add-on, but it has stopped to work on pdf files loaded in the built-in PDF viewer.

    Developer response

    Hey. Yeah it is a known bug since Firefox version 60.0, but it is not up to us.
    It is described here:

  • There is no display on the right key on linux,How to set XXX permissions to the component,
    I Can't find a place to set up。

    Developer response

    First, please read the addon description:
    > Linux: Copy to clipboard actions don't work (see this bug)
    > The addon does not work on (for further information see this bug), pure svg pages and internal pages like most "about:" tabs (e.g. about:newtab, about:addons) or other addon option pages.

    If the problem is different than described above, then open an issue on

  • Best Mouse extension

  • very nice

  • 这个还是比较好用的可定制成都较高,原来在32位老版本下用的那个插件已经没有了。

  • Thanks !

  • By far the best gesture addon. Ever.
    Many thanks for your work.

  • Does what's expected from a gestures addon, and works really well. It took some time to see new solutions emerge after the new webextension standard was introduced, but gesturefy does an excellent work so far. Thanks for your work!

  • My teachers have a habit of posting new things at the bottom on the web page, so right click down is sooo helpfull.

  • Działa poprawnie, ale trochę wkurzające jest, że na nowej karcie lub na karcie ustawień/dodatków jest nieaktywny. Moim zdaniem powinien być tam również aktywny. Za to "tylko" 4 gwiazdki :-)

    It works great but it's annoying that it's inactive on "new page" and/or settings or add-ons page. It should be active there as well in my opinion. I gave "only" 4 stars due to that drawback... ;-)

    OK, so I've changed the grade to 5 stars! Thx for answer :-)

    Developer response

    Hey. :)

    I can understand your opinion, but it's not up to us. It's up to Firefox.
    See the addon description:
    >> Dodatek nie działa na, czystych stronach svg i wewnętrznych stronach takich jak: about:newtab, about:addons lub na stronach opcji dodatków.

  • This is the app I am looking for!Amazing!