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  • Gesturefy is a good addon, but it should be run in High Priority to enable it to draw over webpages smoothly and accurately. Often times I try to perform an action, and it lags or doesn't register the entire mouse gesture, and I have to repeat it.
    This really makes me miss the good old built-in mouse gestures that the old Maxthon browser had a few years back. To this day I haven't seen any other browser that has as smooth and reliable gestures as the old Maxthon browser did (v1.6.x).
  • This is the best mouse gesture add-on that I've ever used. Fully customizable and easy to use, with super intuitive options. I would give it 6 stars if I could!
  • Very good! Thank you.
  • 我用了好多年了。谢谢。
  • I really like the interface for setting the gestures and they work great. Unfortunately, about once a month, all settings reset to default...I highly customize mine so each time it's about 10 minutes setting everything back to normal. I understand this may be related to firefox sync. Unfortunately, yeah I use firefox sync, this app is for firefox...none of the other apps I use have a problem with sync, are you sure there's nothing you can do about this?

    it's not worth the frustration. Moving on.
  • 如果你想單手上網還能吃東西,沒了它辦不到.鼠標手勢頂好的插件.感謝作者.
  • Je viens tout juste de l' installer, je vous donnerai mon opinions bientôt.
  • 希望上线到chrome