Don't mention it, G. Traynor Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm aware this is not a forum, yet one word to clarify criticism a a whole.
@G. Traynor : my little investigation was built around the idea of a positive attitude towards 'Google Disconnect'. I would have appreciated that you not call upon my comments to legitimate your score, which appears hence rather nonconstructive.
I was and am not trying to break 'Google Disconnect' but to participate to its elaboration should it be only by experiencieng it : I have no knowledge of coding.
Generally speaking I am as many others concerned by privacy, and 'Google Disconnect' authors are both skilled and honest, obvious for anyone who seeks further into the background of the 'Disconnect' project in its diversity.
I remain convinced that a positive criticism, that is an honest feedback, will only be an advantage (when not mis-considered by other users) for any project, and 'Disconnect' in particular since I feel committed tightly to the state of mind which is behind it.
As I have posted before, 'Google Disconnect' works perfectly on a new profile. My point after was only to layout a personal experience, which in fact was more a puzzle than an 'investigation'
I am following the advance of 'Google Disconnect' and 'Disconnect' as a whole with greatest interest and no "corner smile".

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