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Good idea, but this interfered with my habit of opening a second Gmail tab by middle-wheel-clicking on something in Gmail's list of labels (e.g., open "Sent Mail" in a new tab while keeping "Inbox" in the current tab). The additional tab appeared but stayed blank.

As soon as I disabled Google Disconnect, my habitual process worked fine again, immediately.

So sorry, but that makes the add-on 100% unusable for me.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the report

I’m 99 percent sure, out of the box, the newly released version of this add-on (2.2.0) won’t interfere with your Gmail workflow (but I don’t have a wheely mouse to confirm with).

If not, though, we added a whitelist. You can permanently unblock Google on any site by clicking the Google Disconnect icon in the location bar and selecting the “Unblock …” option.

We’d really appreciate if you tried the add-on again and updated your review or wrote a new one to let us know about the Gmail compatibility. The new version rocks — you have my money-back guarantee.