Packed fix Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Here is a link for a packed installation of the fixed add-on.
You can use it if you can't follow fix steps.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I fixed it. I tried to contact with developer but I got no success with it. So, here are the instructions how to fix an addon:

1. download the installation from the official stie:

2. open the file as a zip archive

3. unpack somewhere gbookmarks.jar from chrome directory inside archive

4. open gbookmarks.jar as a zip archive and unpack it somewhere too

5. in the content\gbookmarks\ directory:

6. open file gbookmarksOverlay.js

6.1. function removeBookmark():



6.2. function addBookmarkToGoogleBookmarks():



6.3 function gBookmarks_imageRequestObserver.onStopRequest():

var _8f=xhttp.doAsyncPost(_8e,"",null,uri,"application/xml");

var _8f=xhttp.doAsyncPost(_8e,_8e,null,uri,"application/xml");

7. open file options.js:

7.1. function AddBookmarkToGoogle():

xhttp.doAsyncPost(_28,"",function(_29){if(_29.eId>0){alert(_29.eMesg);} gbookmarks_import.AddBookmarkToGoogle(_22); }, uri);

xhttp.doAsyncPost(_28,_28,function(_29){if(_29.eId>0){alert(_29.eMesg);} gbookmarks_import.AddBookmarkToGoogle(_22); }, uri);

8. replace fixed files in the jar file and then replace jar file inside the xpi file.

9. remove old addon from firefox

10. install the fixed one