Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Without proper key customization and dis/enable keys its not worth it. I use Focus keyboard(it's not perfect itself), so this isn't usable for me.
Maybe next version could get some more creative like assigning alpha number keys to tabs and having alternative binding slots(or a archive of actions and shortcuts). Anyway WASD should only scroll, shift should be used for paging(think sprint/dodge) in correcponding direction, kinda what flick gestures do in Grab and Drag with mouse(bonus points if you can make it go diagonally). Shift+Q/E for tab switching(also having a button switching to previously used tab would be kewl), ~ for address bar (lol), G for search(XD) and maybe V+W/S to change zoom of page(default ctrl+[+]/[-]) and b to reset zoom. After youre done with that, I will gladly sacrifice Focus Keyboard.