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  • 1°encontro imediato com nova colónia antes do fórum ou sistemas de controle de controladores.

  • Mach ich etwas falsch? Kann das add on auf ff android nicht installieren?
    Wird android nicht unterstützt?

  • Galaxytoolbar not send data from OGame to Galaxytool
    Server http://s103-ru.ogame.gameforge.com/
    Country Russia
    Firefox 35
    Galaxytool 5.1

  • Das meiste ist Einstellungssache oder auf neue Versionen von OGame zurück zu führen wenn es Probleme gibt um das mal zu erwähnen..

    Nice Tool and works fine if you make Setup correct and there are no biger OGame Updates

  • Does all reports and data. Really helps on mapping.

  • Working great with the new OGame layout!

  • There is a glitch in the coding that requires the original creator to change the way the espionage reports are relayed from the new style messaging center. So far all other aspects of this have worked other than it will not upload those reports.

    Once this is done I think it can be put to rest that they have provided a decent tool.

    Developer response

    This is not a bug, but a feature - the behaviour is as expected, just to keep server load low...

  • @molle: 2.2.6 works fine here

    @Mauricio: Try to install Firefox EN_US... That should fix your problem

  • I love it :)

  • Not working in Firefox 3.5b4 using oGame v0.84

    An excellent tool if you can get it to work, hopefully whatever is wrong will be fixed soon.

    Developer response

    this addon is not designed to be run with firefox 3.5 . Yo can however override cmopatibility if you know how. No guarantee from our side. Also: Noone reads support requests here. Ways to contact us that really work see here: http://en.wiki.galaxytool.eu/index.php/Contact

  • uma porcaria, deu pau.
    não posso usar mais o mozilla sem mensagem de erro.
    Gostaria de saber como posso desinstalar.
    Só coloquei uma estrela pq não pude deixar em branco

  • Works exactly as it should.

  • Muy util

  • Muy bueno!!! la versión 2.1.8 borra datos es una cagada

  • super