Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The icons NEED MORE CONTRAST AND SHOULD BE OUTLINED FOR A GREATER VISUAL AID...it would be easier to decipher which icon symbol it really is (for people with less than perfect EYESIGHT!) There is not much difference in the LARGE and SMALL size icons...the text sizing is good, the regular icons are a good size, but the GO BACK, FORWARD AND RELOAD buttons are too tiny for me to see. I LOVE THE BRIGHT COLORS - makes it lively and whimsical. The character (cartoon) makes it fun, as if for children to enjoy, but all the same, adults can use it too.
It would be pleasant to see a HOVER HIGHLIGHT over the : TEXT/EDIT/VIEW/HISTORY/BOOKMARKS/YAHOO/TOOLS/HELP buttons when placing the cursor over one of them. I do not like the hover or the highlight color....I think the dark grey color is weird, for it does not even match the rest of the theme colors! (it looks weird!)
Any chance of making some changes for these in the near future?
Thanks for sharing all your hard work, nonetheless. You have many people downloading it, and with some reviews, too. I just wanted to say thank you for making it public, for we really do like the diversity of the different themes, to use.