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  • It there any specific reason to change theme colors THAT drastically? I have used this theme for a very long time and now I get BLUE tab bar/menu bar instead of standard white/grey ones which were present in many previous versions of FXOpera. Now I can't use this theme at all because this kind of color scheme is just not for my taste. If you want to make that kind of changes, why not make an additional version of this theme? I really don't get it. Please change it back in the next version.
  • I love how i change Firefox to an Opera-like style or Chrome/Chromium-like style with your minimal and clean themes.

    I currently using your themes on Firefox 52 ESR, but I appreciate that update them for Firefox57+ in future

    Thanks master ;)
  • Please update this addon to firefox 57+
  • Please, make it for MacOS!
  • Just sugesstion: Maybe it will be better for ergonomy, if back arrow will start at first pixel.
  • Please how to remove image background , I used other image
  • the most recent version has this bug with empty space in upper left corner next to pinned tabs; this thing wasn't present in v. 53.1.

    I had to "downgrade" from current version to 53.1 because that problem was too annoying.
  • Great theme.
  • Good!!!
  • If possible, please make this multi-process compatible.

    I had to write some overrides in Stylish to tweak this to my liking, but it's by far my preferred theme on Firefox. Thanks for making this.
  • A add-on very good.
  • hello, i have windows 7 with standard CLASSIC theme and i dont see these buttons. On normal aero theme is visible.
    Please fix it bro, its all i want in this life. In other you themes mx4, mx3.. its a same problem

    sorry for my english
  • Way better than Australis. Please port it to Firefox 57...
  • great
  • It's great,because I used Firefox since the days of Firefox 29 (a long time) ,but I also like Opera,so this is the perfect middle-way for me:the speed of Firefox,and the modern look of Opera.
  • This add-On reduces space between toolbar icons, which I welcome, especially on my Linux laptop. However, on Windows, some of those icons - the ones for Firefox's options and add-Ons - are rather too large.
    (I'd contact the developer, but I cannot see how to.)
  • Just the best theme.

    I look forward to an edition in Firefox Developer :-)

    Thank you.
  • Could you please update VFOX?

    This theme is simple. But too flat for me.
  • Great theme! Like the icons, colors and simplicity/minimalism. :)
  • Beautiful theme. Compact and minimal. Thank you.
  • It used to be quite nice theme - simple but every element clearly separated. But since it suffered the change, it's unusable to me. I see just whise space with few eye-candy lines.
    It look much more integrated to the system if you have Windows 10. The theme is still technically well done and if you like this type of design, you might like it. But I don't believe that anyone can orientate in this better than in previous one.
    It's a pitty author didn't release it as another theme.
  • Please, return old style theme, or create separate one. Thank you
  • the old version with grey icons was great, 5 stars, this one looks really ugly, I hope the author reads all the reviews about the updated theme and decides to go for the old look.
  • 很喜欢这个主题,但最新版本的tab栏背景色有bug,请修正一下
  • New (45) version is terrible for linux. Selected tab looks like others, I can't determine on which one I'm now.