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  • As a replacement for xmarks this is really very similar and allows bookmarks to sync over browsers and machines
  • It messed up all my bookmarks with umpteen duplicates in sub-sub-sub-folder where they do not belong. had to restore backups frequenty. Its useless if you want to add new BMs on different browsers and platforms :(
  • A simple way to change search motor is SERIOUSLY requested, before I upgrade to "star max."

    Categorys: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

    OTHERWISE: ---------------------> GOOD JOB!!!
    edit some months later:
    Still russian, yahoo - searchmotor server problems? How about let us users choose?
  • Great extension, I use it on Firefox and in the Vivaldi browser.
  • 非常牛逼的一个插件
  • Great app!
    Reliable and convenient. 10 out of 10.