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  • Such a sick bookmark app. I have nothing but love for this whole setup but if I were to vent just 1 gripe I guess it would be about the mess I made of my bookmarks before I learned how to use this extension properly and how for a while I was resetting Firefox on a regular basis and for which every time I did my old bookmarks stayed on the server but they also get re-uploaded again when I resync and around I continued to go as they piled up again and again... I guess I must have mostly the same ones on my one account about 8 times each now aside from a few stragglers I added between syncs until I finally realized what I was doing. I guess I'm curious if there's a command or menu option I keep missing that I could use to clear the many redundancies I've built up? So since my only gripe was the result of a flawed user and not so much an extension problem I'll say great work again Nimbus Web, love this extension and the cloud sync aspect. Thanks!
  • it works as advertised.
  • It works on Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Chromium and Chrome but NOT on Firefox (I mean the free version OF COURSE!!!!!) REMOVED!
  • ...
  • You need to be a PRO member to sync bookmarks!! WTF!
  • Twice I lost everything due to extraordinary actions by this program which magically remembers things from years ago and jumbles them all together whilst erasing the recent files. A total mess. I love it when it works well, but be very, very careful. Will never use again.
  • Didn't work for me. Created account with username + p/w on Chrome. Saved bookmarks. On Firefox, all attempts to login with same user/pass got "An error occurred, please go back to login screen".
  • i miss x-marks. this manager crashes - i recommend not to turn on auto sync
  • Not to bad. But you should upgrade also Android app. It looks to old. Add black theme for OLED displays. And will be 5 stars.