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  • 无法登陆并同步。
  • It used to work nicely, now it won't even let me log into the blasted thing. "An error occurred, please go back to login screen," which is even worse than the previous unexplained "sync failed" error message.

    Rather irritating as I can't find an alternate simple plug-in/extension that goes back and forth between FireFox and Chrome.

    [EDIT - Added a few stars, the "fix" is to enable all cookies but 'tracking' cookies in Firefox]
  • stable, works great, a lifesaver
  • Using it for a very long time and totally satisfied!!
  • 火狐71.0 (64 位)无法打开登录页面
  • The firefox version has no buttons to sync or download - they aren't grayed out as the help page assumes; they don't exist. Useless. And, yes, the companion app is installed, both are enabled, and the sites are whitelisted.
  • I see no point of this for Firefox on PC. The only reason I installed it was for syncing with FVD Speed Dial. There is no way to sync but strangely works as advertised on Google Chrome which does integrate with FVD Speed Dial. I do not exceed the bookmark and speed dial limit exceeded either for free use.
  • good
  • Such a sick bookmark app. I have nothing but love for this whole setup but if I were to vent just 1 gripe I guess it would be about the mess I made of my bookmarks before I learned how to use this extension properly and how for a while I was resetting Firefox on a regular basis and for which every time I did my old bookmarks stayed on the server but they also get re-uploaded again when I resync and around I continued to go as they piled up again and again... I guess I must have mostly the same ones on my one account about 8 times each now aside from a few stragglers I added between syncs until I finally realized what I was doing. I guess I'm curious if there's a command or menu option I keep missing that I could use to clear the many redundancies I've built up? So since my only gripe was the result of a flawed user and not so much an extension problem I'll say great work again Nimbus Web, love this extension and the cloud sync aspect. Thanks!