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  • хороший
  • So far the Speed Dial New Page extension has worked as advertised which to me is surprising. I like the ability to have a clear screen instead of icons of sites or shortcuts or even the search line. Your background image is beautiful landscape which I like rather a busy screen I haven't used it very long in my Firefox browser but I did recognize the name (Speed Dial) from my Opera browser. If it doesn't cause me trouble I'll probably use it on my other computers.
  • Very pleased with this particular add on. Love the speed dials and the functionality is fantastic! 5 Stars!
  • Robusto, útil y estético
  • Great time saver program, works very easy.
  • Thanks for a good application
  • The application theoretically impresses to be the best. In practice you can use it for being the least bad of its kind, but practically it does not work since in about twenty times you give it to synchronize it at least once.
  • need to pay in order to sync settings
  • После перехода firefox на новый движок стал тяжелым и непонятно как работающим. Очень жаль.
  • This Speed Dail has yet to take out Yahoo search engine after many users have been requesting the addon developer to implement Goggle Search engine.
    I dont know why this developer keeps ignoring its users after so many years users have been asking for the addon to be able to be configured to change search engine to Google Search engine.
    I dont know if its a dictatorship or what.
    I know that I myself have asked this many years ago.
    And still the changes years after have not been implemented.
    I would like to know why.
  • pratique. LE MEILLEUR !
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  • very helpful
  • it's good
  • Bom d+ poder ver como estão seus sites em uma unica tela.