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  • 2 days ago I lost all my tabs...
  • Nice extension, easily customable.
  • usefull tools for fast search
  • It would be perfect if i could sort and Arrange the tiles!
  • This was exactly what I was looking for. I needed something where I could launch my quick links kind of like the Google apps page. However, with privacy issues surrounding Google, I wanted something different. Not only do I have one page of links, but I have multiple pages that I can categorize. I like the way I am able to customize it and it is working like a charm.

    The only negative comment is that I wish I could choose the search provider if I enable the search function. However, since I cannot, I disabled that and just use the one I assigned on Firefox in my address bar. No big deal, but it would be nice to customize that.
  • As a predominantly visual person, this app makes it easier to recognize and instantly access my most used sites without having to look stuff up every time, or scroll through my long list of bookmarks. I like that. I like it.
  • In 2 months it deleted all my bookmarks dials 2 times. We are talking about over 40 pages that I have no ideea where i can recover. Stay away from this buggy application from incompetent developers. These developers are the peak of human stupidity. Develop an aplication that works perfectly and then come with updates made to break it more and more until it turns in a uselless s**t.
  • A great extension. However, it could be useful to freely arrange the thumbnails. Something like in Quick Dial.