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  • Love Themes and background. Functional dialer is also awesome! It has options to show how dials will be shown Love it!!!
  • This add-on is feature rich but some of the interface options feel like they are from the year 2000. I would give it five stars if the UI was a bit cleaner and more modern. Specifically, I would like to completely hide the "groups" tabs and settings drop-down at the top. In my case, I would like these advanced options to be hidden in a right click menu or at least hidden behind a more attractive settings button. Additionally, it would be nice to use arrow/navigation keys to select speed dials. With this feature, it would make a decent 10-foot UI. Overall, it's a great (free) add-on that I will continue using.
  • Easily THE BEST Speed Dial for Firefox
  • нужно зафиксировать верхнюю строчку закладок
  • This speed dial made it possible for me to use firefox. Without I would have been stuck with Opera which is badly limping with WIN10.