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  • synchronise all (bookmarks and tab speed dial)
  • Today when I started FF last opened tab become blank. When I disable this addon last opened tab load normally. Need a hotfix.
  • I've tried only one before this. Speed Dial 2. I own that one. But this Speed dial is much more attractive and works JUST as well.
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    Very god
  • Kinda ugly and doesn't have enough customization to solve that.
  • बहुत सुन्दर सार्थक|
  • Great functionality, but speed dial folders disappear sometimes, however they can be recovered if synced - Firefox user on Linux Min 64 bit
  • Would be lost without it.
  • One of my favorite Firefox addons. Because I have my most visited sites categorized, one click and I am on the exact page I need. Fast, accurate and the bonus is that it is good looking.
  • Excellent layout and ability to use across multiple platforms is invaluable.