5,312 reviews
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Works very well, but had to subtract a star because I can find no way to change the default search engine.
  • Awesome, this should be an official part of mozilla
  • Useful when you use multiple browsers on multiple machines. Or am I the only weirdo doing that?
  • La dernière mise à jour n'ouvre plus les liens externes du premier coup dans FF. Please, fix that annoyance. Thanks.
  • This addon has become a staple in my main browser. It can be a bit tricky to implement it properly because some browser versions (like the new FireFox 64) stopped supporting some features like precise control over what site/addon opens in a new tab. But there are sufficient work-arounds.

    You probably shouldn't use it on computers that already have trouble running a couple of tabs as it adds a bit of bulk.
  • Great add-on love it
  • Improved version which works with latest operating systems and browsers