5,320 reviews
  • Really nice.
  • I can't modify the search engine; and it is so slow...
  • очень нравится
  • Good. occassionally. It has on its own removed dials that I spent weeks putting on. Then, they all disappear
  • Just can't modify the search engine, 1 star rating.
  • This add-on is simply awesome regarding visuals, but I'm not going to accept the imposition of a search engine that I don't want to use. I want to be free to choose my options. Bad, very bad.
  • Does the job and has some fantastic icon suggestions (needs a fast one for google maps btw), and it's nice that you can modify the background. Heard they fixed the sync so that's kind of nice, although I don't think I'll adventure myself with that feature anymore. A bit too many options for the display but over time you get to uncheck what is unneeded fast enough.