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  • Very good addons
  • I have only had this extension for a short time so my rating could go down, but if everything continues to run smoothly w/o any major problems, I'm a happy man. I like these start page extensions, and have tried a few different ones in the last year or so, some were just bad or actually made things more complicated and/or problematic instead of making my browsing experience easier which is to me the main reason to use them. I also like the ability to personalize them to your liking and style. FVD Speed dial has quite a few options to customize and tweak to your liking; the speed dial for instance allows you to keep your most used websites available at your fingertips with many options for thumbnail appearance. I like that beyond your main speed dial you can build other groups of bookmarks that are of similar themes. For example myself I have a group for "music streaming and band fan-sites, etc., one for photo and image's, and one for different search engines and archives. I like being able to change the background as well as the thumbnails. And of course being able to sync all your bookmarks and other changes with your other devices is the icing on the cake. Keep up the good work and listen to suggestions or problems in a timely manner and I'll add a star...
  • При запуске браузера стартовая страница с диалами открывается очень долго, отключил все, что можно в настройках - похер.
    Блядь, еще на сайте написали своем 3кк счастливых пользователей. 15 секунд бразер запускает стартовую страницу!!!! На современном компьютере с ssd.
  • I like Speed Dial. Easy install and not much of a learning curve. Plenty of options as I'm finding out and enhances my browsing and information seeking organizational skills. Well done.
  • Good app, splendid view but sometimes it can't auto-config the preview icon for webs.
  • I like the fact that you can customize it to the way you want. So far its a very good add-on. I recommend it.
  • Conveniently.
  • It´s very fast and good. But Restore Function only for Pay!!!
  • An intelligent extension, highly recommended
  • Самое удобное дополнение. Пользуюсь года три, полностью устраивает. Рекомендую.