3,638 reviews for this add-on
  • It's amazing ...been using for years

  • muy bueno y util

  • tres bon j,adore ,,merci a vous

  • Excellent fastdial. Full of oftions and nice features. Powerful and easy to use.

  • Quick and practical way to reach preferred contents / visual bookmarks. Has performed reliably. While it has some eye-candy (nice backgrounds, effects) I prefer to use plain colors, configuration for this is made easy. Would recommend.

  • pictures make all the difference. this does just that. easy to see and click on.

  • Does everything need

  • Best add-on ever

  • everybody please take a good look at the permissions. also look at the detailed breakdown because this reads like the KGB wrote this. It really reads untrustworthy. Beyond anything normal it would be worse than having a ton of spies all sitting in your living room every second your online.I would like to hear some comments about this please if you think it's fine then please write it here.

    I want people to comment about the permissions that this extension this app takes control over I really want you to look and hear your opinion. I need your opinion!

  • Best Tab page .Sync is excellent,working with smartphone too.

  • Периодически не загружается при старте браузера.

  • Best! I have the free one. Easy to use, easy to access and sync favorite between PCs. Perfect to sync bookmarks, I used xmarks and had to find a good alternative and this addon is perfect.

  • goood

  • This extension has everything! It's very good indeed! You just need to generate a simpler backup file, such as the speed dial dev!

  • I like this on the simple side, neat, no condiments, List View does all I need. And I turned off its Search bar, since I couldn't move it off of Yahoo. I have this on my Win7 Firefox, as well as my Linux Firefox. Syncing from Win to Linux did bring up this Speed Dial but it lost all my dials, had to rebuild.

  • Easy to install and easy to use. Just what I needed - Thanks!

  • Too lo,g to load. It's a usefull extension, but maybe too much Mb to load...

  • Very Good

  • Sehr gut.

  • Great addon, beautiful and stable. One annoying thing is that when the image is updated, pop-up windows with sites whose image is updated are opened. These windows for a few moments overlap the current open windows, including full-screen video.
    Fedora, Firefox 61.0.1 (64-бит)
    Overall rating is 4 out of 5.

  • Работало в firefox 61.0.1 (64-бит) нормально, неск. дней назад стали самопроизвольно открываться новые окна. Это не вирус, 99% косяк расширения: открываются дилы из одной только группы.

  • дерьмо неработающее в firefox. полгода рассказывают сказки как они все исправят

  • Very easy to use with lots of interesting features

  • still the best one around.