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  • this is so much better than saving to the bar or a folder i think it is fantastic
  • Okay, don't know what happened, but all my speed dials are gone. Restarted computer, firefox updated plus a bunch of addons. Can't "restore server backup" because it requires a paid account to restore it, even though you can upload to it. Pretty fucking backwards if you ask me.
  • I seem to have lost my list of favourites in the new version. I am now using most used - but would prefere to have the buttons to change between the different lists at the top left as before. Most used seems to add every page that I view daily - which is tedious. it also seems to take much longer pulsing as 4 squares before opening up?
  • very good , easy to use but it slows Firefox down too much lately
  • При количестве вкладок переросло 500 часть вкладок я просто потерял, т.к. ваш ADD-ON отказался их восстанвливать!!! Откровенное вымогательство!
  • Addon would be great , if it had the option to load automaticly when you open firefox. Now the only chance to do it, is to copy the extension link and set it as homepage, but the problem is, that it loads then very long (firefox start takes about 6 seconds - 2 on default). With fixing it , the extension will be perfect. Now its useless for me.
  • I recently installed this extension when Firefox became very slow to start, and I refreshed it, wiping all of my existing Add-ons. I thought I would give this speed dial a go, I'm very glad I did. It's very clear and easy to read, much better than my old one.