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3,601 reviews for this add-on
  • дерьмо неработающее в firefox. полгода рассказывают сказки как они все исправят

  • Very easy to use with lots of interesting features

  • still the best one around.

  • Easy and efficient, really simple to use and synchronise.

  • me gusta porque tambien te respalda los diales y otras cualidades como la modificacion del entorno de los diales por eso las 5 estrella

  • All would be well, if after reinstalling the extension did not disappear the saved sites from the desktop add-ons. Synchronization loads everything except the desktop.

  • good

  • pro

  • Fantastisch,

  • Pretty awesome. So much better than what FF offers.

  • good one.........

  • I like being able to synchronize tabs between all my devices. I would give it a 5 if it worked on my Samsung Tab 3s tablet running firefox.

  • Pity that the advanced search options in Firefox (suggestions in the address bar, choice of the search site)are disabled when Speed Dial is activated. Maybe an issue fixed in the next update...

  • Muy útil

  • Good tool which save a lot of time.

  • paralaks 4к frizing

  • Boy♂Next♂Door

  • Its search engine does not follow the default pattern in the browser. Seu mecanismo de busca não segue o padrão predefinido no navegador

  • I have had great success with this extension. It has made my everyday work much easier. I did run ito a major problem, and had to go as far as create a new profile. Now that I have the new version working with Firefox 57 with there new protections it seems to work very well. The creators have done a great job at creating a wonderful extension. Thanks for the hard work.

  • :)

  • Добавьте поддержку url с about: , если возможно.

  • بسیارعالی کارآمده...

  • This could easily be a 5 star extension. However, it is so bloated, and hence annoyingly slow, even on my new ASUS ROG system. On my 3-year old desktop, it is insufferable. Compared to other Speed Dials, it is a true slug.

  • buono, ma la vecchia versione era molto meglio . . .
    anche questa versione non e' niente male . . .

  • It does not work in Firefox 61.0.1 (64 bit)