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  • Thank you Nimbus Web for a great internet tool.
  • A lot of people and investigations comment about that this extension have malware and other kinds of spyware that stole you your identity, I already saw in various forums telling about it, but I need to do a strong reasearch about it personally too and I found they have malicious behaviour Im going to spread in all internet and tell my friends to stay away from this extension totally, but today let's check this extension.
  • Best Bookmark found on internet. I don't think anybody can ever need anything more than this.
  • Старая версия хоть и была глючной, но она работала.
    Тут без моего участия, все обновилось и все мои закладки пропали.
    1 звезда!!!
  • good
  • This is the best speed dial there is !
  • +++++++
  • It use yandex.ru as search engine without possibility to change it. It's a vendor lock behavior. I have to remove it but if you want to provide access to your search queries to Russian special services, such as the FSB, you can continue to use it.