17 reviews for this add-on
  • No, I didn't like it, too simple for me

  • Looks like 3.6 kills the add-on.... any chance of updating for 3.6 compatibility?

    Developer response

    Sorry, but I just saw this comment/review. It is compatible with 3.6.*

  • This ROCKS.

  • For the Fusebox developer, this is an invaluable tool.

  • Great extension. Really helpful when working with fusebox.

  • Excellent! Thank you! Works for FB4.1 too

  • An excellent add-on

  • I love this and use this for all my Fusebox apps.

  • Very useful plugin for fusebox developers. Thanks a lot!

  • Great tool in developing fusebox apps. Saves time from copying/pasting or typing when reloading the framework.

  • Before it was essential, now that you can set the default password in 0.11 it's even better!

  • This is an essential tool for my Fuesbox sites. I use it everyday! Reloading,reparsing was always tricky until this add-on came along.

  • Right-click access to Fusebox parameters for reloading the framework and parsing the generated code, very useful time saver

  • This is an essential development tool for Fuseboxers!

  • I couldn't imagine Fusebox development in ColdFusion without it!

  • A nice tool for Fusebox developers (a development framework for ColdFusion and PHP). I use it every day!

  • This is a big time saver. Simple to use. Would be nice to cache the password.