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  • Those of you who are wishing for an update to this theme (LIKE THERE ARE ANY OTHER GOOD ONES, RIGHT?) will be happy to know there is an easy fix.I currently have this theme working in Pale Moon (an optimized fork of FireFox 24) using the Firefox Extension "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks".

    Install "Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks", then this theme won't check the version and it works fine.
  • I've been using full flat for three years, here's the tip for using this theme on newer version of firefox.

    1. Use chrome or any browser to download .jar file on this page.

    2. Open .jar file with Winrar and find install.rdf, open it with notepad.

    3.Find 3.6.*, change 3.6 to the firefox version number you are using, or, just change 3.6 to 99.

    4.Save install.rdf and update the .jar file.

    5. Drag edited .jar file to firefox's add-on Manager then install.

    6. Restart firefox.

    I hope this help! and sorry for my bad English :P
  • Same as everybody else - I keep looking and hoping the theme will be updated. I guess there's no hope - time to change browser? - the new themes are dreadful.
  • Brilliant theme! Nothing else compares, really. It was only recently that I was 'forced' to upgrade to FF9 ... sadly full flat is not compatible. I do hope an update is in the wind ...
  • Full flat is the only theme I have used for Firefox for the past few years. I have purposely not updated my Firefox to the new version to keep this theme. However, that is no longer an option for me, as I am switching to a new computer.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this theme to work with the newer versions of Firefox; I BEG of you!
  • Pretty good. No distractions. Incompatible with FF 8.
  • Since the demise of Firefox 3.6 for the shiny lackluster Firefox 4.0 I stopped using the program and instead moved on for Chrome or saphari, and you know why? Mainly because I realized how much I needed this little thing to keep my bookmarks tight and usable; to focus on information thanks to its minimalist design and (above all) to browse through the internet suited in elegance. We want it back.
  • Best ever but it does not work on FF 4.*

    I reverted back to FF 3.6.* cause of this and few other add-ons.

    Is there an ETA for FF 4.* compatible version?
  • The best one ever. Waiting for official for FF 4.
  • The best one ever. Waiting for official for FF 4.
  • It's the best theme for Firefox, please update it to 4.0
  • This is still the only theme i used for years, please update for Firefox 4!
  • Full Flat Black, which was absolutely prefect, was discontinued after 2008. WHY?!?
  • Looks great but please try to update this for FF4
  • this is my favorit theme for two years - top! thank you
  • Very simple theme. thanks
  • Nice work!Very simple, elegant theme. Nothing extra. Like it!
  • Curioso, minimalismo
  • Almost looks...classic. You know, from the Macintosh days.
  • the very best theme ever. thnx.
  • I think this is a wonderful theme, was my absolute favorite, but the scroll bar does not seem to function very well at times and this grew too frustrating. If there is ever a change to this, I would switch back.
  • Any chance of getting this theme for Firefox 4?
  • i use greasemonkey addon, and your theme make a new icon for it, it's cool.. thanks for the theme... love it :-)
  • Dear Sir!

    Your Firefox theme is most certainly the best and cleanest theme I
    have ever seen.

    After using it for a while I have dared to customize certain aspects
    of it to further compactify the design and make it more friendly
    towards TabMix+. I also removed most of dynamic opacity to increase
    contrast and thus somewhat ease reading.

    If you are interested, this is my userChrome.css (just add everything
    from it to your userChrome.css test the changes):

    This is a screenshot:

    Thanks again for your great work!
  • Минимализм, которого я не мог и себе представить. Впечатляет