842 reviews for this add-on
  • Excellent Dark Theme ! I've been using it for years now
    My only request - Please bring it back for Firefox 57+ too !
    It might sound unbelievable but I haven't upgraded from Firefox 56, simply because I didn't want a FF experience without FT DeepDark
  • It's beautiful. Many thanks.
  • maravilla!!
  • My all-time favorite theme. Absolutely amazing, easy to the eyes and almost everything is themed nicely.
    A big BRAVO! Hope we will see it in Quantum too.
  • best full dark theme
  • it is a beautiful extension, for me i can see everything better.
  • Juste pour te dire que je reste un fan, j'utilise toujours FT DeepDark avec Waterfox et Palemoon, l'apparence, l'aspect esthétique compte quand même; et peu importe dans quelle vague de minimalisme les devs de Firefox sont... FT DeepDark en impose, et reste même LA référence en matière de thème visuel.
  • Ich habe seit Jahren diese Theme benuzt-allerdings mit neu Version von Firefox läuft nichts mehr.
  • Merci pour le travail que vous faites. Excellente extension.
    Hâte de voir le retour de ce thème prochainement. ;-)
  • cool
  • FT Deepdark is an excellent "complete" theme. Just read all the great reviews below... It upsets me each time there is a major update to Mozilla Firefox as it seems the the add-on developers are often left unaware OR unable to update their add-ons to coincide with the roll-out of the newer version. This is really one of the more exceptional themes and I hope Mozilla makes available the tools necessary for the developer to update his product.
  • Best Dark Theme! Covers all dialogs/tabs, instead of just the big areas. I love the thorough design, something ALL other dark theme addons are severely lacking.
  • One of the Best Add-on on Firefox, really hope it will have firefox 57's version soon!!!
  • Thanks a lot for this skin, Is my default skin always that I install Firefox. I really love it. Waiting for the version for Firefox 57. Thanks again.
  • I liked this theme because this theme is full dark on all Firefox UI. Sadly, this theme is not compatible with Firefox Quantum. I hope you made this for Firefox Quantum too.
    As stated in the add-on description, for the moment I can't update my add-on for Firefox Quantum, simply because there isn't a theming API available to create complete themes. This is not something which depends on me. There will be need to wait for Mozilla to provide an adequate tool to create real complete themes.
  • Nicely implemented, solid choice of color, basically should be the default option for Firefox. Since currently unsupported in Firefox, use Waterfox!. Problem solved!.
  • Best theme ever, pls bring it back!!
  • Отличная тема. Уже несколько лет на ней. ИЗ за отсутствия ее на 57 - не обновляюсь.
  • I hope to become the official theme of Firefox browser. I have been waiting for you to return to us. I will never forget you.
  • One of the reasons I am still at 56 .
  • One of the best addons and Firefox just crap all over it, not allowing Steva to update it ....

    Please please with a cherry on top bring it back lol ....
  • This should be the default dark theme packed with firefox.
  • I like this design very much.
    Is it possible to create a Firefox 52 (ESR) compatible version? With a trick it can be installed, but unfortunately the settings of Firefox cannot be edited. In addition, some pages crash Firefox.
  • Крутейшая тема