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  • Works exactly as expected.

    To see if it is working, do the following:

    - Open a memory manager
    > in Windows "Task Manager" will suffice

    - Click OPTIONS > Always On Top
    > then click "More Details" - bottom left
    > This will allow you to see in real time how this addon works.

    - Check memory usage in Task Manager

    - Click the Free Mem button

    - Watch the memory usage fall...

    *** Thanks for a great addon ***
    I prefer this to closing Firefox and re-opening it :)
  • I see the icon in the bar, I click on it, it seems to work, but how can I check if it's really working? I have no idea what "Garbage collection" is. Please provide more info, and way to test it.
  • In capital letters it states it's not compatible with F40+ - and that's right, it doesn't work. Then why, in search results, do I see it IS compatible?

    Even more ridiculous the page states: 'For Firefox 40+, try Free Memory 2.0'... so I follow the link and guess what?... 'Not available for your platform' Ha! I'm on F45, btw.
  • アドオンの組み合わせのせいである可能性があり、どこが悪いのか特定はできないけれど
    Firefox 46.0
  • when you install it , icon this add ons don't add to your browser and it is useless
  • does this take effect on Firefox for Android? I installed it on my phone, but it doesn't make difference.
  • For Palemoon users you can click show all version under the Version Informations, and you will find a compatable one from the old versions.Just install that.I can guaranteed that it will work.Usually install this way for palemoon
  • Unfortunately, although the author mentions Pale Moon and supporting the PM browser, the current version does not install on the current PM version which when in Firefox compatibility mode displays Firefox 24.9, below the v26 that the current version requires. Older versions install but that means no updates for any newer PM versions.

    I have tried disabling FF compatibility mode and it makes no difference to whether it will install.

    While FF continues to ramp up version numbers seemingly by the day and Free Memory v2.0 supports them for anyone using PM they are stuck with no support for their browser.
  • cũng dc
  • Doesn't works with Nightly 44.0a1
    Yes, you should try the new Free Memory 2.0 which is compatible with Firefox 40+.
  • 파이어폭스가 항상 메모리 누수로 사용할 때마다 재시작 연발이었는데, 이걸 설치하고서는 사용하기 편리해졌습니다. 파이어폭스를 사용하시려거든 꼭 설치하는 것을 추천합니다.
  • I like this for several reasons. The first of which is that it has a cool customization option to allow automatic memory freeing. This is useful for "super browsing" habits-type folks like myself. When there are always multiple tabs, always multiple windows, and always memory-consuming processes taking place in those areas, an "auto-freeing of memory" is VERY useful. It's simple, just lets you enter a time in minutes. Similarly, the rest of this add-on maintains a consistent style of being simple, yet effective. It does, in fact, work, and if you don't believe it does, perhaps re-evaluate what it is you're trying to accomplish, or if memory-freeing is the right type of solution for your issue. This add-on has never NOT worked. Being the laziest possible enduser, I think this is the first review of anything, ever. I also find it inconvenient to merely type names and passwords, let alone donate. I made an account to write this review and donated one dollar, the suggested amount to make a point. When lazy people find one's work convenient and useful, it speaks to the effectiveness of the product being used. The review's called high-quality because this product is just that. Keep making add-ons!
  • Nothing happen, not even an icon shows up, wasting time.
    A new version is out for new Firefox. Try it https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-memory-20/
  • Hi, darkowlzz, when you say this supports latest release of FF, is this your text from June? Because FF has released 40 since then and broke your great add-on! Will it help you to update it some more if I give you some... *ahem* incentive? ;) Four stars because it's broken right now; five when it works again. (Sorry to bug-report here, but can't find any other way!)
  • Have always liked this one,but now with FF40,it's gone,unusable! Fix this and you get your star back.
    Here is something for you https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-memory-20/
  • Very good add-on for pre-FF40!

    However, with the release of FF40, the extension can no longer function. The icon is completely gone and it cannot be used. I've read that this issue is affecting several add-ons and being sited as being due to Mozilla having removed the old library for loading icons onto the toolbar in Firefox 40. I've already reported it on the support site but wanted to leave a warning for FF40 users that it will not function with that version.
    Try the new add-on which supports the new firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-memory-20/

  • Works perfect
  • Прекрасно зроблено!!
  • I'll take it and be very thankful for this valuable addition to this wonderful browser.
  • I found Free Memory doesn't work on Firefox Linux Mint Cinnamon.
  • Does this also make cycle and garbage collection automatically or just "reduce memory"? If it only does reduce memory can there be an option to make the other things as well automatically?

    Awesome add-on. Thanks for taking your time to do it.
  • This add-on does what it says, but in the end it's not enough. For example, I used the options for this add on and gained 100Mb of memory back. However, when I used another add-on called "Restart Button", which closes and opens Firefox with all the same tabs open - I got back 400Mb of memory.

    So yes, this add-on does what it says it will do, but for me other things di a better job for what I need.
  • It would be nice if the periodic memory freeing function would only free memory if the user is idle, rather than on a strict schedule, but apart from that, it works great - no need to remember to restart Firefox every so often!
  • Sorry, this extension is not available for Firefox 36 for Android, please fix it.
    Thanks for reporting that. It's should be available now. :)
  • Do what it says. Helpful.