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Useful to view, but specially to save pages with the changes described for frames/iframes respectively.
As long as all Frame Ext functions except Change Frame URL work only with iframes and not with frames (like these http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/), iframe only functions should not show under This Frame submenu for frames, only for iframes. That's what confused me before I edit this review sputnik1, but if that helped to waste your time it worth it =P
About Remove Frame function, Nuke Anything Enhanced addon inserts a Remove This Frame function into This Frame context submenu for iframes only, and not for frames, just like this addon should do for a function like that, for your information.
I also found that changing frame URL to an URL of some rich content pages, specialy with once in a session preloading ads redirections or so, the iframe got removed.

2 RedHorizon: Those functions are FF functions, not of this extension.

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