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  • Wow. very nice!
  • Hi thanks for creating FoxyTab.
    I only want to use the Create Desktop shortcut function...is there a way that it will automatically assign the destination as the Desktop, rather than having to select Desktop every time? Also I see it treats a page shortcut as a file which appears in DOWNLOADS - is this normal? Thank you
    The new Quantum API does not allow saving anything to the computer (outside extension storage). The only available method is to use the Download API. The Download API can only use the location save for download in Firefox Option.
    For further discussion, you can post the requests to the support section.
  • Hello author, how can I not display IP here? I'm a little obsessive-compulsive....
    If you disable the Tab IP, both IP & flag will be disabled.

    Context Menu

    Enable or Disable each item on the context-menu and/or re-order the items. Moving the main menu will move its sub-menus.

    Disabling the Tab IP also disables its process and listeners as well as Country Flag Display of host location (v2.10) (IPv4 at the moment).
  • Great but incomplete addon. Why provide reload options for right/left/all and bookmark right/left but only provide close options for left for instance? These seemingly arbitrary choices leave me needing to pair it with other addons.
    "Close Tabs to the Right" is already provided by Firefox.
  • simple yet powerful.
  • A nice Quantum replacement for FoxTab, but it's no FoxTab.

    In order for it to be fit for my personal use:
    Custom Reload needs to be something that is specified as you do it, not tucked away in a config page. Also specify that this timer is in seconds (as opposed to not at all). I thought it was in minutes and locked up the whole browser because it was constantly refreshing.
    A list of Closed Tabs. FoxTab did this. If I've just closed eight tabs, but need the fifth tab I'd closed after all, I don't want to have to reload four tabs I don't want to get to the one I do.

    It's worked really well at dealing with the shakes of moving to a browser version that FoxTab apparently can't work with, but it's still not quite there.
    Please note that FoxyTab is not FoxTab (or any other add-on). It should be reviewed for what it does instead of comparing to what another add-on does. If there are any requests, please post them to the support site for discussion.
  • 希望添加弹出窗口(没有导航栏、标签栏)的功能,例:https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/popup-tab/
    If you post your request to the support side, we can discuss it.