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  • Great but incomplete addon. Why provide reload options for right/left/all and bookmark right/left but only provide close options for left for instance? These seemingly arbitrary choices leave me needing to pair it with other addons.
  • simple yet powerful.
  • A nice Quantum replacement for FoxTab, but it's no FoxTab.

    In order for it to be fit for my personal use:
    Custom Reload needs to be something that is specified as you do it, not tucked away in a config page. Also specify that this timer is in seconds (as opposed to not at all). I thought it was in minutes and locked up the whole browser because it was constantly refreshing.
    A list of Closed Tabs. FoxTab did this. If I've just closed eight tabs, but need the fifth tab I'd closed after all, I don't want to have to reload four tabs I don't want to get to the one I do.

    It's worked really well at dealing with the shakes of moving to a browser version that FoxTab apparently can't work with, but it's still not quite there.
    Please note that FoxyTab is not FoxTab (or any other add-on). It should be reviewed for what it does instead of comparing to what another add-on does. If there are any requests, please post them to the support site for discussion.
  • 希望添加弹出窗口(没有导航栏、标签栏)的功能,例:https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/popup-tab/
    If you post your request to the support side, we can discuss it.
  • Really a essential extension. Provides a lot of useful functions. I'm using moving, bookmarking and closing tabs to the left and to the right. One of my favourite extensions for firefox.
  • Just installed FoxyTab in Waterfox! So far it's working great--it's already up there on my all-time favorite addons list because of its ability to bookmark tabs to the right OR left without lag, and to move tabs to the right or left to a new window. Awesome!!!
  • Great extension, supports all the features I need and then some. Developer is very responsive, new features being added frequently.