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  • before i installed your foxytab, all my tabs would go idle and unload after a period of time except for my google/twitter/etc tabs that actively reload automatically and provide a notification dot on the tab when there are new messages. i like it that way because having the bulk of my tabs unloaded lightens the load on my system on the many tabs that may sit a while before i need them again, and yet i don't miss out on my messages.

    i noticed on the options of your add-on that the tab reload interval does not go below 6 or higher than 30, and the default is 10, which would suggest that foxytab will not let tabs naturally unload and stay unloaded. is that correct? how can i ensure the loading states of my tabs remain the same as before foxytab? thanks.

    Developer response

    I have replied to your question on the Support site:

    In short, FoxyTab does not interfere with the Tab unloading that you have described.
  • I love it.Thank you!!!!
  • 中文翻译有些不容易理解
  • It is easy to use and delivers on expectations
  • I like it, especially the ability to sort tabs by domain or by title; both are useful. Nice work erosman!
  • Great Add-On.
  • Marvellous Add-on. Very well options. Respect!
  • Excelente
  • Very comprehensive tab utility.

    The country/flag/IP info is a bonus. Just one minor thing, the display of this info under Page Action seems a bit untidy. Could you add back space between IP/country/continent?

    Edit: I don't know how to post a screenshot here. What I meant is: under the menu of Page Actions (the 3 dots inside the url input box), it will show the new Foxy Tab item at the bottom. There is the country flag, but next to it is sometext without proper space, e.g. " States of AmericaNorth America". I think originally these are 3 separate lines, but when it show as icon label, they are messed up.

    Developer response

    Thank you.

    I am not sure what you mean. Do you mean a new blank line between them?
    Please post your requests/suggestions to the Support topic.

    You are right. FoxyTab Page Action doesn't have a menu. It only has a title (mouse over) which shows the data in 3 lines. eg:
    United States of America
    North America

    I didn't look at that 3-dot menu. I will make some adjustments.
  • Its okay. Its useful and convenient.

    Developer response

    Why the 3 stars?
  • I really like it for it's tab management feature… Sadly it has so much other stuff crammed into it, that I feel very complicated. (Why would I need time and date, or a flag when I want to manage my tabs.)
    Also, it requires so many permissions... take makes it feel uncomfortable to use too.

    Developer response

    Many of the features are optional and can be disabled. AFA Time & Date, the reason is explained in the support topic which is basically to make more use of the toolbar icon which only had a counter function. Time & date wont show if they are not set.
    There are even more function coming in the next version. The idea has been to combine the functions of many add-ons into one add-on.
  • Thanks for the answer.

    Developer response

    This has been asked before (Please refer to Support topic). Tree Style Tab in WE shows a list. They are not real tabs and don't have the Tab data needed for FoxyTab to function.
  • So great add on!!
  • This is the best!!
  • I am so glad,. I want all to work. I feel Very Secure on Mozilla Firefox,. Please keep me safe. They are The only ones I Truly Trust, Microsoft has too many prying eyes accusing. It's like what ever..
    My Name is Hes.
  • Thanks!
  • Asking the serious question here: This add-on icon. Who is the artist? Gimme the link!!
    Oh, and the plugin is cool too. Very useful.

    Developer response

    There is a link in FoxyTab Options -> About -> Credits -> Icons
  • Acquire foxy tab, disregard other add-ons. Was looking for an add-on to replace the sketchy "page-to-pdf" type add-ons I have been trying. Found this and it is great. Just right-click the tab and choose what you want from the context. Quick, clean, painless. I'm going to look at the other things this add-on offers.
  • The extension is useful, but for a programmer myself it took me 4 days to trace the caching problems to it. Don't understand why the author can't make the "Reload" option down to zero in settings. If they don't I will have to uninstall the extension.
    EDIT: After thorough investigation it turns out that Firefox wrongly accused FoxyTab of caching stale data - an info icon showed in the address bar, clicking upon which opened the FoxyTab extension page. Only when I checked and disabled every extension one by one did it show what the culprit was - "Disable HTML5" extension.
    Sorry for the fuss, yet I was misled by the Firefox own system info mentioned above.
    Five stars go to the creator of FoxyTab.

    Developer response

    I don't understand what you mean by "Reload option down to zero in settings"?
    Reload in 0 minutes?
    Which caching problems?

    If you post your concerns to the support topic, they can be properly discussed and investigated.
  • Useful tab program with an auto reload feature that is indispensable for sites that boot you out for inactivity.
  • well
  • Lots of useful features, All of which seem to work very well. Being able to bookmark all tabs to the right or the left is really nice, I've been using it to backup pinned tabs for the odd case that firefox doesn't remember them. I'm on Arch Linux XFCE and all is well, the other reviewer on Arch KDE is probably having issues due to KDE so don't let that keep you away if you're a fellow Arch user.
  • Perfect!
  • It'S good!
    And could please integrated it to the right button menu anywhere, not only right click on the TAB?

    Developer response

    Right Button context menu applies to the page content. FoxyTab doesn't have anything to do with the page. On the other hand, some of the functions are not possible in page content.

    Please post all support questions/requests to the support topic.

    The support site is listed on add-on's page under "Support Site". It is also listed on add-on's Help Page.
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