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  • Such a great addon, the feature to allow just certain sites to be proxied is brilliant and so useful!

  • I always use a proxy when surfing stuff at work. They can log everything you go on otherwise!

  • Is it possible to enable Automatic authentication on proxies (bypass popup with login and password), just like Guifiproxy does.
    expecting the updates.

    Developer response


    FoxyProxy Plus saves username/passwords for HTTP(S) proxy servers. It's not free, but is very inexpensive:



  • FoxyProxy has some script inside that makes my fresh FireFox pretty slow.
    It even stalls when I enter addons. config:addons !!

    Developer response

    Thanks for that information. Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce this issue. I would appreciate it if you could open a thread in our forum at http://forums.getfoxyproxy.org to help us debugging that issue and to help other users having the same problem. Thanks!

  • Must-have add-on

  • Sorry, the previous version was better than this 3.1. This one, used within FF3.6.18 (´cos I need the ArchView extension, which isn´t available for FF4 or later) resizes the window of the FoxyProxy settings unwantedly while a proxy is being configured or edited (on XP Home SP3 with a resolution of 800x600). This also makes disappear the lower buttons like OK or Cancel. You can make these buttons re-appear by dragging the top or the bottom edge (depending on what´s accessible in that very moment) of the forementioned window, but that´s very annoying.I also got the impression, I often don´t get connected to the wanted proxy, since I updated to the 3.0.1. That´ s why I´m going back to FoxyProxy 3.0.1, now.
    I also would like to see a shorter way of accessing the settings of a certain already existing proxy, to be able to enter another number faster. As for now, it´s very circumstantial to browse through all of these seetings until you finally get to the wanted input field. I guess, it´ll be better if there was such an option in the context menu of the statusbar icon, or what ever this bar is called now.

    Developer response

    First, thanks for the bug report and your suggestions. The resizing bug should be fixed with version 3.1.2. Alas, I cannot reproduce the connection problems. Concerning the shorter way of modifying proxy settings: We have already some options that can be accessed this way using the Advanced Menu option (right click on the toolbar button and then click on Use Advanced Menus). I am not sure whether these are enough. Anyway, it would be good if you could report these kinds of things in our forum http://forums.getfoxyproxy.org/ as this would give you usually a faster help and more space to elaborate and share your feature ideas. Thanks!

  • This works great but it's hard to configure rules that match even just one site. I have two or three rules for individual sites that I want to bypass the proxy. Other than that, I think this is a good add-on. I do not, however, appreciate that the automatic adding of sites is an extra-cost feature. I also think that for that extra cost at least FoxyProxy should be doing smart matching and not requiring me to put a rule for each port number or url that does not have "www." in front of it. I understand regular expressions but I don't think the normal user should be expected to do that.

  • Very helpful tool, though the UI is pretty awful. It does what it says, though! I use it to be able to configure my wifi router from my laptop over wifi, by using a SOCKS proxy to my home server that is plugged directly into the router. Also useful for private browsing in public places.

  • really nice addon thanks

  • I like this addon at least because I can combine our proxy.pac maintained by our network administrators with an explicit proxy (e.g. a connection to a private sub-network with limited access) plus direct connection (e.g. connection to a private sub-net with unlimited access). But I still see some possible improvements:

    1) last time it happened to me, that the proxy.pac script was inaccessible and because of it I had no access to the most of the network (no restart of FF in the meantime). The only possible solution was to temporary disable the default proxy (proxy.pac) and use an explicit one. I think that the proxy.pac should be cached somewhere and if it is inaccessible, FoxyProxy should cry out an error message (but still work as before if possible).

    2) the second problem is already written in the title: Icon in the FF "nav-bar". With FF5 and newest FoxyProxy I started to see this icon near the reload button. I don't know how to disable it or move it out of sight. It's good to have it, but if you have too many addons, than it takes too much place. I Use the "nav-bar" for Gmail Manager. It's enough to have FoxyProxy in the StatusBar/AddonBar.

    Developer response

    at 1) We do think about that. Thanks for this suggestion!
    at 2) I think it would be natural to have an option "Show icon on toolbar" as well. I think about it. Meanwhile you may remove the FP icon if you open View -> Toolbars -> Customize and then just drag the toolbar icon into the Customize Toolbar window and drop it.

  • LA solution proxy pour Firefox ; Je pense qu'aucun autre addon ne permet de se créer une liste de proxys gratuitement et si rapidement ! Très facile à l'usage, j'aime beaucoup.

  • Дополнение очень хорошее, но если его установить, то при открытии ярлыка HTML странички в Firefox выскакивает окошко с ошибкой: Ошибка при направлении команды приложению

    На официальном форуме о этой проблеме написано еще в 2010 году, но проблему так и не решили.

    Обращаюсь к автору: Решите эту проблемы и быть может пожертвований на дополнение будет больше.
    Addition very good but if it to establish at opening of label HTML of a page in Firefox jumps out a window with an error: the Error at a direction of a command to the appendix

    At an official forum about this problem it is written in 2010, but a problem and haven't solved.

    I address to the author: will solve this of a problem and perhaps donations on addition will be more.

  • I found this add-on confusing to use... and I'm pretty well-versed in proxies. I never got the "automatic" functionality to work correctly, so anytime I went from the client site to my office or from my office to my home office, etc., my Firefox was a complete mess since it always tried to look for updates prior to allowing me to reset the proxies. Maybe I'd have better luck now that I have better hardware/software. I just found it to be overly confusing.

  • Great job!

  • muchas gracias

  • Thanks for this add-on

  • Easy to use and configurable.

  • Great add-on!! Small issue with FF 4 though. Left clicking on the icon in the toolbar to change proxies doesn't work unless the Add-On bar is displayed.

  • The toolbar icon is inconsistent with native icons for firefox 4. Please fix it.

  • Excellent extension!! I have been used it since I began to use Firefox. However, the new Firefox 4.0 seems incompatible with Foxyproxy. Is there anyone share the same problem? Hope a new version will come soon and fix this problem.

  • I have to go through a proxy while I'm on my office's network, but whenever I leave with my laptop, I have to switch the proxy settings back to normal. It was annoying to have to hop through several screens to switch the proxy settings, now all I have to do is click the FoxyProxy icon next to the address bar!

  • Very useful addon ! Just what fit my needs !
    Was very buggy with firefox 4.0 prerelease, now pretty much stabilized.
    Still some cosmetic bugs sometimes.

  • Good Add-on!

  • Very Good

  • Great product!!! IIt is the only one that covers all my needs. And now, it works ok with firefox beta 11. Thanks very much.