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Very good addon. No performance impact, tiny resource usage. Some packet-sniffing showed me that every attempt to load a certain URL was sent through the proxy configured for it and not a single packet went directly to the target IP.
Very good toolbar button implementation too, both the new type widget and the old variant. It would just be nice if the Tools menu were made the "proper" way. If that was done to allow the color coding, you can still apply that to a regular menu if you embed some CSS into the overlay. Otherwise I don't see why the Tools menu is made so strangely.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Not sure what you mean with "if the Tools menu were made the 'proper' way". Could you follow up via email georg[@]getfoxyproxy[.]org (without the brackets) or in our forum: http://forums.getfoxyproxy.org/ ? Thanks!