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Sorry, the previous version was better than this 3.1. This one, used within FF3.6.18 (´cos I need the ArchView extension, which isn´t available for FF4 or later) resizes the window of the FoxyProxy settings unwantedly while a proxy is being configured or edited (on XP Home SP3 with a resolution of 800x600). This also makes disappear the lower buttons like OK or Cancel. You can make these buttons re-appear by dragging the top or the bottom edge (depending on what´s accessible in that very moment) of the forementioned window, but that´s very annoying.I also got the impression, I often don´t get connected to the wanted proxy, since I updated to the 3.0.1. That´ s why I´m going back to FoxyProxy 3.0.1, now.
I also would like to see a shorter way of accessing the settings of a certain already existing proxy, to be able to enter another number faster. As for now, it´s very circumstantial to browse through all of these seetings until you finally get to the wanted input field. I guess, it´ll be better if there was such an option in the context menu of the statusbar icon, or what ever this bar is called now.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.1.1-signed). 

First, thanks for the bug report and your suggestions. The resizing bug should be fixed with version 3.1.2. Alas, I cannot reproduce the connection problems. Concerning the shorter way of modifying proxy settings: We have already some options that can be accessed this way using the Advanced Menu option (right click on the toolbar button and then click on Use Advanced Menus). I am not sure whether these are enough. Anyway, it would be good if you could report these kinds of things in our forum http://forums.getfoxyproxy.org/ as this would give you usually a faster help and more space to elaborate and share your feature ideas. Thanks!