Icon in FF "nav-bar" Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like this addon at least because I can combine our proxy.pac maintained by our network administrators with an explicit proxy (e.g. a connection to a private sub-network with limited access) plus direct connection (e.g. connection to a private sub-net with unlimited access). But I still see some possible improvements:

1) last time it happened to me, that the proxy.pac script was inaccessible and because of it I had no access to the most of the network (no restart of FF in the meantime). The only possible solution was to temporary disable the default proxy (proxy.pac) and use an explicit one. I think that the proxy.pac should be cached somewhere and if it is inaccessible, FoxyProxy should cry out an error message (but still work as before if possible).

2) the second problem is already written in the title: Icon in the FF "nav-bar". With FF5 and newest FoxyProxy I started to see this icon near the reload button. I don't know how to disable it or move it out of sight. It's good to have it, but if you have too many addons, than it takes too much place. I Use the "nav-bar" for Gmail Manager. It's enough to have FoxyProxy in the StatusBar/AddonBar.

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at 1) We do think about that. Thanks for this suggestion!
at 2) I think it would be natural to have an option "Show icon on toolbar" as well. I think about it. Meanwhile you may remove the FP icon if you open View -> Toolbars -> Customize and then just drag the toolbar icon into the Customize Toolbar window and drop it.