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  • Thank you for your extension!
  • Not working on Huawei P20 pro, android 9
    Why dont you read the addon description? Android is not supported and never has been.

    Since Firefox on Android does not support the proxyAPI, FoxyProxy does not work. This is a limitation of Firefox on Android, not FoxyProxy. There are currently no Firefox for Android add-ons which manipulate proxy settings.
  • Best proxy switcher around. The pre-webextensions version was a tad better (better UI, more powerful rules syntax) but this one is totally fine now.
  • It's ok but UI is clunky, poorly designed and there's no quickadd/autoadd from pre-webextensions era. At least a button in addon dropdown to quickly add URL to whitelist would be sufficient.
  • Mode "Use proxy for all urls (ignore patterns)" seems to not working.
  • Best proxy addon, but font to big in menu.
  • It does work, but looks nothing like the screenshots.
  • Advanced configuration, beginners usability. I had try a proxy that was giving me trouble with others proxies as well as with the default from Mozilla and it worked quite well.
  • Great addon, but "Edit patterns" page is buggy in WE. If I try to add more than one whitelist pattern at time, these patterns get "synchronized" - they always have the same content after saving.
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